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first_imgWhen the HoloLens, the $3,000 developer edition of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, arrived here in the Geek.com office I wasn’t excited. Why should I be? Virtual reality headsets are now on the market, but whether or not the tech has a future is still a reasonable question. Augmented reality is different but similarly fraught technology. Even Google with all of its resources can’t seem to make Google Glass a thing that sticks.Meanwhile, although Microsoft makes great software (most of the time) the company’s hardware efforts have been a lot dodgier. Who can forget all those broken Xbox 360s and so-so first-gen Surface tablets. So imagine how surprised I, and pretty much everyone else in this office, was to discover that even in this early state the HoloLens just might be my favorite reality-altering headset.If you want a more technical rundown of HoloLens check out the preview on our sister site PCMag.com. But here’s an overview. The HoloLens is an augmented reality headset. While wearing it you see the real world around you along with projections of programs powered by a modified version of Windows. The point is to create the illusion these apps affect and exist in the real world.A radical new way to use what’s essentially a tablet-strength computer requires radical new interfaces, and HoloLens has a few options. The headset places a cursor where you are looking and you can pair it with a Bluetooth clicker device you use like a mouse. Pinching your fingers acts like a click as well, although I couldn’t get this gesture to work reliably. That was strange because the more complicated blossoming hand move used to open the Start menu, and look like a magician in the process, was way more consistent.You can also ask Cortana to do tasks like close a program or take a screenshot of what you’re looking at. You can even stream your sight to another screen. Viewers get a surprisingly smooth and accurate recreation of what it’s like to have your augmented eyeballs. Great! I definitely asked for this! The pared down design and low weight also make HoloLens the most comfortable and stylish headset I’ve worn so far, even if it still can leave you with a bad case of VR hair.The app selection is light, mostly because this a version of the hardware made for developers to create software in time for the consumer launch, but I messed around with a few apps available in the store. Although they didn’t reveal any hidden alien messages brainwashing humanity, experiences made for AR otherwise worked beautifully.I walked into a HoloStudio holographic shrine for Harambe fellow Geek writer (and Reboot expert) Will Greenwald built and added some heart holograms of my own. In fact, the entire office is now a hologram graveyard, every nook and cranny filled with digital trash visible only to those wearing HoloLens.RIP HolorambeI also caused psychedelic explosions to radiate throughout the room, hugging the contours of every desk, wall, and face in the office. Even just rearranging windows in 3D space and physically turning to look at the next program you want to launch is a trip. But more mundane tasks that work just fine on a regular computer, like browsing the Web or playing Crossy Road, didn’t translate as well to HoloLens. Typing is a pain (thank Grodd for predictive text) and manually dragging the chicken to make lateral movements is no way to play that endless Frogger.But plenty of hardware launches with bad software. HoloLens delivers where it counts, giving users an internet-enhanced version of their own reality with a functional untethered interface. The secret weapon is, in my opinion, not completely cutting off users from the outside world the way full VR headsets do. AR has always been more interesting to me than VR, and I think millions of Pokemon Go players would agree. HoloLens demonstrates why. And it’s not just the fact that the screen reflected in your eyes makes you look like a Terminator on a magazine cover about Mechanical Apartheid.Seeing a fake thing interact with the real world in real time just feels so much cooler than inhabiting an entirely fake, potentially nausea-inducing world. With or without Skype it’s also easier to socialize with others around you while wearing HoloLens, when you’re not staring off into the distance or pinching invisible gorillas. You can still feel somewhat like a real human being, not some helpless entombed cyborg. And while this means HoloLens can’t yet be a gaming powerhouse on the level of Oculus or HTC Vive hooked up to a monster rig, HoloLens is entirely self-contained and wireless, a more than worthwhile sacrifice. I can walk around and explore my new augmented reality, an experience more immersive than standing in place exploring a virtual reality.Too bad that makes you painfully aware how limiting the three-hour battery life is. But the biggest, most common complaint so far is that the field of view is too small. You can easily see the edges of a rectangle in front of you where all the AR action happens. Accumulated sweat can be an issue as well, but for me that was only because so many people here in the office wanted to wear the headset.I personally wouldn’t buy a HoloLens yet, because I’m not a developer and there’s just not much to do with it at the moment. But when the consumer version (eventually) launches, hopefully with compelling software, I could really see myself picking one up, or at least hogging the one in the office. I can’t say the same for its first-generation VR counterparts.Right now Microsoft HoloLens is impressive tech in its own right and a promising foundation for future AR hardware. Also, Harambe will never die if we keep him in our augmented-reality hearts. Our heARts? <> 1/7Windows 10 apps appear as flat holographic windows, either floating in the air or fixed to surfaces. 1/7You can Skype on the HoloLens, which projects a window of whoever you’re calling in front of you, and shows the other person your augmented view. 1/7One app, HoloPlanner, lets you see how furniture would look in your workspace. It’s very limited. 1/7HoloStudio lets you build your own holographic dioramas. 1/7Fragments is a detective game that uses the HoloLens like the augmented reality glasses in Heavy Rain. 1/7Galaxy Explorer projects a simple view of the galaxy and the Solar System in the middle of you room. 1/7RIP Holorambelast_img read more

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