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first_imgAC Milan’s players will have to stay at their training ground indefinitely as they start a retreat following Saturday’s 2-1 Serie A loss at Udinese.Players slept at the Milanello after the game and although they were allowed home after an extra training session on Sunday, they had to be back for dinner.The club said the ‘ritiro’ – confining players to headquarters – could last until the end of the season.”The attitude today was wrong,” explained coach Filippo Inzaghi.”There are very few excuses and the only thing to do now is to roll up our sleeves and do well in the last six matches, because we’re Milan and our dignity is involved.”When you hit the bottom like today you need to reflect. It isn’t a retreat of one or two days that changes things.” AC Milan, who are reportedly in takeover talks, are 10th in the Serie A table and set to miss out on European qualification.AC Milan said: “The duration of the ritiro has not been decided.”The team could remain at Milanello until Wednesday, or until 3 May, 10 May, 17 May, 24 May or 31 May, depending on the decision of the Milan coach, which will be based on the quality of their performances.”Milan’s next game is at home to Genoa on Wednesday.–last_img read more

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The number of people filing initial unemployment claims in Iowa continued to fall as the state began reopening after taking steps intended to slow spread of the coronavirus, according to state statistics released Thursday.Iowa Workforce Development reported that 6,920 people filed initial claims in the week ending May 30, a drop of nearly 50% from the previous week.There were 165,195 continuing weekly unemployment claims last week, a drop of 13,000 from the previous week.The largest number of claims came from people employed in manufacturing.Nationally, nearly 1.9 million people applied for unemployment benefits last week and the total number of people receiving jobless aid increased to 21.5 million. That’s down from a peak of 25 million two weeks ago.last_img read more

first_imgThe United States Agency for International Development and Food and Enterprise Development (USAID-FED) in collaboration with the Government of Liberia yesterday inaugurated a multipurpose soil science laboratory at Grand Bassa Community College in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.Anthony Chan, USAID Mission Director, said the inauguration of the GBCC soil science laboratory is part of the United States Government Feed the Future Program which is aimed at supporting agriculture in the country.He asserted that FED has pursued three inter-related goals as it works to help improve the Liberian agricultural sector and has focused on helping rice and cassava farmers increase their yields and profitability. “It has also worked with Liberian entrepreneurs, particularly youth and women, to stimulate the growth of agricultural-related enterprises. FED has partnered with various government agencies, particularly the Ministry of Education, to help developLiberia’s agricultural workforce capacity,” he stated.The GBCC Science Laboratory is part of the National Diplomat in Agriculture (NDA), a 2-year market driven agricultural program, intended to prepare high school graduates for employment opportunities in Liberia’s agriculture sector.“The NDA program has been established in the four community colleges in Nimba, Lofa, Grand Bassa and BWI,” he said in his remarks.The USAID Mission Director said his government through the FED program is working to develop Liberia’s agriculture sector through several agricultural programs in the country.Mr. Chan encouraged the students and instructors to take advantage of the enriched learning and teaching opportunities provided by the Centers. “We look forward to seeing many successful entrepreneurs emerge from these Centers,” he urged.Agriculture Minister Dr.Moses Zinnah lauded the efforts of USAID-FED through its support to the country’s agricultural sector by empowering local farmers in the counties to promote agriculture in four value chains.He emphasized that without science laboratories it is very difficult for students to have vivid knowledge on agriculture.He pledged to work with partners who are in the country to provide maximum support to the sector to make sure that the country gets on the path to food security.He mentioned active engagement with local farmers in the various counties, working with the caucus engaging private sector involvement among others as his first steps to ensuring a vibrant agricultural sector.“Agriculture is in demand of skilled men and women in the country. In order to promote agriculture we will work with our farmers in the counties that are involved with farming activities to provide more training and empowerment to grow more food that will help improve food security,” he said.USAID-FED’s Chief of Party, Mrs. Agnes Luz, described the science lab as a multipurpose facility inaugurated to empower farmers through testing their soil before planting their crops.Mrs.Luz said promoting agriculture is the goal of USAID-FED and promised to continue working with farmers in the country to boost production in the four value chains including vegetables, cassava, rice and goats.“With this soil science lab, GBCC agriculture students will practically learn the testing of soil, animal and plant samples,” Madam Luz assured.Madam Luz meanwhile clarified that the lab is not only for GBCC agriculture students but will also be used by farmers in the community to test and know the best soil that would yield the desired produce.The GBCC Soil Science Lab is the second that USAID FED is supporting to improve food sufficiency in Liberia since millions of dollars are spent on the importation of food, especially rice, Liberia’s staple food.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgRelated posts:Apple working to complete streaming music deal with record labels before June 8 Why Google’s new quantum computer could launch an artificial intelligence arms race What happened to the 15 people the Internet hated most in 2015? Spik Up! Say What? While many of us tap out these symbols to our family and friends, there are no universal usage rules for emoji: no grammar, no meanings. No syntax.But Fred Benenson, the visionary who gave you “Emoji Dick,” is trying to change all that. In fact, Fred Benenson is trying to turn emoji into a bona fide language.“Emoji are now an essential component of how we’re talking to each other,” Benenson said. “And experimenting with them gets us to a better understanding of what they actually mean to us and how we can use them.”On Kickstarter, the platform where Benenson first launched his “Moby Dick” translation — and where he now works, as the site’s data lead — the unlikely linguistic visionary is raising funds for an online tool that could translate even complex English sentences into emoji.Unlike other efforts in this vein, Benenson’s “Emoji Translation Project” won’t just match keywords to their equivalent symbols and sub the symbols in. Instead, it will work much like Google’s high-powered translation engine: first gathering texts in English and emoji, produced by human translators; then running those texts through a machine-learning algorithm, which searches the two data sets for patterns; then waiting and watching as the algorithm spits out a synthesized, codified grammar.Or … not.“It’s ridiculous,” said Arika Okrent, a linguist and the author of the 2009 book “In the Land of Invented Languages.” “Emoji are fun. I like emoji. But they’re not a language — they’re a game of charades.”Okrent, it’s worth noting, is not someone you’d expect to be skeptical about made-up tongues: She actually speaks Klingon.But Klingon — the fictional language of an alien warrior species, for the non-Trekkies in the audience — was set down with both rules and a writing system from its beginning. Emoji, Okrent says, are fundamentally different: Even as people begin using them to express complex ideas or full sentences, they’re using them in arbitrary, individual ways. We haven’t agreed on the meaning for the “prayer hands” emoji — forget the intricacies of expressing abstract thoughts or the present perfect tense.That variance, Okrent says, will make machine learning impossible. (“In order for the algorithm to discover a pattern, there has to be a pattern to discover,” she explains.)And that’s not the only obstacle Benenson and his vision face: There are literally no other image-based languages.The last real push to invent one ended semi-tragically. A concentration camp survivor named Charles Bliss attempted to launch a universal, pictorial language, called Blissymbolics, because he believed it would decrease intercultural misunderstandings. Blissymbolics’ basic pictures are, indeed, pretty easy to figure out, which has made them popular among a small set of language therapists. But as you try to express more complex ideas, the language gets less intuitive and more confusing. Ultimately, it never caught on — a great disappointment to Bliss.Of course, there’s a momentum around emoji that there never was around Blissymbols. An emoji — the humble — was named 2014’s “word” of the year. Instagram recently enabled emoji hashtags, a nod to some kind of mainstream desire to use the symbols instead of words.According to Emojitracker, a tool the logs each emoji tweeted out on Twitter, emoji use has risen more than 50 percent since December 2013, from roughly 11 million tweeted emoji per day to almost 17 million now.“I think as we use them more and more, a certain emoji lingua will emerge,” Benenson said, “and that’s what we’re interested in capturing with this project.”Benenson isn’t naive to the challenges of the project: He knows he’ll need a huge team of English-to-emoji translators to get enough material to run past an algorithm. (Currently, he’s fundraising $15,000 to pay these translators: at 5 cents a translation, that’s enough for roughly 300,000 lines of text.) Even then, he admits, the translator might not work: There will be words or sentences it gets wrong. There will be gobbledigook.Still, if “Emoji Dick” taught Benenson anything, it’s that there’s value in probing emoji and their cultural applications. That project was met with derision when he launched it in 2009; six years later, the Library of Congress has a copy — and emoji translations of half a dozen other books are now available online.Benenson thinks his Emoji Translator could be put to similar use, translating books or other texts. He also envisions an API that would let other Web sites and apps integrate emoji translation.If nothing else, he said, “we have faith that the results will be at least funny.”It’s not a linguistic revolution — but it is something.© 2015, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

first_imgGunther OettingerDigital economy and society European Commissioner Günther Oettinger is to deliver the opening keynote on the second day at the forthcoming ANGA COM trade expo in Cologne.Oettinger will deliver a resume of his views on broadband investments and connectivity in the Gigabit society on June 8. The main focus of the ANGA COM conference on day two of the event will be distribution and marketing of digital content.ANGA COM will take place at the Koln Messe exhibition centre in Cologne from June 7-9.last_img read more

first_imgRovi Corporation has agreed to buy TiVo in a cash and stock deal worth roughly US$1.1 billion (€961 million).Rovi CEO Tom Carson will lead the combined firm, which will “adopt the iconic TiVo brand” as the new company name.Announcing the deal, Rovi said that the combining the two companies would provide them with complementary products, services, and intellectual property.Carson said that the TiVo deal “strengthens Rovi’s position as a global leader in media discovery, metadata, analytics, and IP licensing” with the arrangement coming at a time of “significant evolution” in the entertainment landscape.“The combined capabilities of TiVo and Rovi place us in a tremendous position to extend services across platforms and to a customer base that includes traditional, over-the-top and emerging players across the globe,” said Carson.“By working together, Rovi and TiVo will revolutionise how consumers experience media and entertainment and at the same time build value for our stockholders.”TiVo’s interim CEO and CFO Naveen Chopra described the deal as the “logical next step for TiVo” and said that the combined company will be a “more influential global player” that is “incredibly well positioned to redefine television”.“In joining forces with Rovi, our customers, employees and stockholders will benefit from being part of a more diversified industry leader with significantly greater market opportunities,” he said.The deal, which was first rumoured to be under discussion last month, will combine TiVo’s experience in traditional TV, OTT and on-demand UX and content discovery with Rovi’s strength in guides, personalisation, advertising, analytics and cloud services.The combined company is expected to make more than US$800 million in revenue this year after purchase accounting adjustments, and achieve at least US$100 million in annual savings – 65% of which will come in the first 12 months.The all-new TiVo will serve nearly 500 service providers across countries, adding Rovi’s current base of approximately 18 million households using Rovi guides to the more than 10 million TiVo-served households.The expanded company will also have a combined IP portfolio of more than 6,000 issued patents and pending applications.The firms said they expect to close the deal in the third quarter of this year after obtaining requisite clearances.last_img read more

first_imgLes MoonvesUS media giant CBS Corp has extended chief executive Leslie Moonves’ contract for an additional two years — meaning he will now remain in charge until at least 2021. Moonves, who joined CBS in 1995, will be 71 years-old at that time, though no one is ruling out the possibility of further extensions.Even if Moonves does decide to quit in 2021, his contract includes an attractive exit package, under which he will become a senior advisor to CBS for an additional five years. He also will have an option to form a production company financed by CBS.In terms of wages, Moonves earns a basic US$3.5 million (€2.8 million) a year.But in 2016 he also earned a US$32 million cash bonus in recognition of his successful stewardship of the firm. A shrewd operator, Moonves is widely acknowledged as having turned CBS around, transforming it into a market-leading network at a time of great disruption both for the industry and for his firm.Moonves became president and CEO of CBS Corp. in 2006 when the company was split from Viacom Inc. to become a stand-alone, publicly traded business. In 2016, Moonves was also named as chairman, replacing controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone, who has been in poor health recently.last_img read more

first_img“The ‘Design Showcase’ is a fabulous opportunity for both potential retail buyers and 15 of NI’s most promising designers who came through an extensive selection process to provide an exclusive preview of their Spring/Summer 2016 collections.“We are also thrilled to be welcoming two celebrated NI designers, Mariad Whisker and Mary Callan, who will bring a wealth of international experience to the city for this showcase event, which is one of the key highlights of the Fashion Fest programme.”Danielle McNally, Council’s Business Officer who is leading the team co-ordinating Fashion Fest 2015, said they were delighted to be hosting the exclusive pre-season buying opportunity in association with Eddie Shanahan, chair of the Council for Irish Fashion Designers.She said: “Eddie has a long history of success, working with iconic designers and retailers in both the Irish and International markets, and he was the main driver in the ‘Create’ project with Brown Thomas in Dublin. “Designers who have been participating in Eddie’s designer residencies and mentoring programme have been invited to showcase their collections to potential retail buyers at the exhibition.”The Derry-based designers taking part in the ‘Design Showcase’ include Audrey Doherty Millinery; and seven designers based at the city’s Fashion and Textile Design Centre  including, Nicola McLaughlin ‘The Sequin Cinderella’ – printed women’s wear  –  who showcased at the recent Belfast Fashion Week; Nicole McLaughlin – printed scarves; Kyree Forrest – edgy leather women’s wear; Miriam Stainsby – beachwear; Gemma Porter – alternative wedding dresses; Leona Cregan – high quality handwoven snoods, scarves, wraps; and Luke Barber – women’s wear and accessories.The two NI guest designers taking part in the ‘Design Showcase’, Mariad Whisker and Mary Callan, have extensive fashion experience at home and overseas.Belfast-born Mariad Whisker lectured in fashion in both the National College of Art and Design and the Limerick School of Art and Design before starting her own label in 1984. She has won numerous awards in Ireland and abroad.Following a move to Los Angeles in the mid- 90s, Mariad continued to produce collections for prestigious stores in the United States and Europe before returning to Dublin to set up her own studio in 2001 and, has made a triumphant return to the design scene at Brown Thomas.Mary Callan, who is originally from and currently based in Northern Ireland, is a graduate of Central Saint Martins London, where she specialised in fashion knitwear.She gained experienced in the industry at Chloe, John Rocha, Lainey Keogh and Knit One. In 2012, Mary was the winner of the Peroni Moda Awards, gaining an opportunity to work with Italian designer Marco de Vincenzo in Milan.Her work has been featured in Thread, Image, Tatler, Expose and Life Magazines.Fashion Fest 2015 (November 12th – 14th November), features an exciting programme of events in Derry~Londonderry including a spectacular Gala Fashion Show, pre-season Designer Showcase, Junk Kouture Catwalks and Schools Programme, Creative Retailer Workshops, and a host of in-store and promotional events for everyone to enjoy throughout the city.The event is expected to attract industry experts, emerging and established designers, buyers, students and fashion entrepreneurs as well as a dedicated band of fashionistas to the city for a three-day celebration of Derry’s position as an established fashion destination.For more information about the ‘Design Showcase’ or details on how to register, [email protected] For Fashion Fest 2015 programme details, visitwww.derrystrabane.com/fashionfestEXCLUSIVE ‘DESIGN SHOWCASE’ FOR DERRY FASHION FEST was last modified: November 6th, 2015 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweet EXCLUSIVE ‘DESIGN SHOWCASE’ FOR DERRY FASHION FEST Mayor Elisha McCallionTHE North of Ireland’s most talented designers will be showcasing their latest pre-season collections to potential buyers next week as part of Derry City and Strabane District Council’s annual Fashion Fest extravaganza.The ‘Design Showcase’ aimed at retailers, buyers and emerging and established designers, will take place in the City Hotel on Thursday, November 12th from 1.30pm-5pm, as part of the three-day Fashion Fest which follows the resounding success of last year’s inaugural event.Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Councillor Elisha McCallion, said Council was delighted to be hosting the new retailing opportunity as part of Fashion Fest 2015, with registration still open for prospective buyers.Cllr. McCallion said: “Our exclusive ‘Design Showcase’ exhibition will feature collections from a selection of NI’s most up-and-coming designers and, we are particularly delighted to be showcasing a number of our own home-grown designers from the north west, seven of whom are resident in the city’s Fashion and Textile Design Centre at Shipquay Street.last_img read more

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