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first_img[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I haven’t been able to discuss it until now, as the words just won’t come out . The Wimbledon news. Simply heartbreaking.I might be biased, but I can’t believe, that a greyhound track, in such a location, SHOULD IT BE REFURBISHED PROPERLY, to 2016 standards, would not attract several thousand visitors a night.Okay, so I’m going to do some finger-pointing now. Who’s to blame? Everyone will have different views on this, but personally; I blame the lack of Levy. Why should horse-racing, receive 10% of bookmakers profits, that go back into their sport, and the dogs cop practically nothing? There is no valid explanation. Oh, I mean, except greed and short-sightedness, of course.Let’s look back, to 1994 for a minute. My first Greyhound Derby. I didn’t consider myself a big enough player, to go into the main-ring, so the silver would have to do for me.‎ I did however, manage to back the great Moral Standards, who went through the competition, unbeaten, coming from behind, in every round, to land the ultimate prize. Tell me though, Blog, whatever happened to multiple Derby winning trainer, Tony Meek?In other news:I’m off out tonight, having received my favourite invitation of all; dinner with David Garbacz and his wonderful family. I have already put in some early menu requests; chicken in breadcrumbs, honey lamb-chops, peach crumble, and a lemon cake, (just to get the job properly finished off). Before the Henry VIII’th-esque eating event starts, David is distracted, as he has a quick sing-song. I just see this though, as the ideal opportunity, to sneak a few cheeky peekies, at his gorgeous wife; Ev! NAUGHTY.COM..!!Over and out, B xlast_img read more