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first_imgIn their endorsement of Mayor Winnecke for 4 more years as Mayor, the Courier & Press described me as a “picture of negativity”.  For once, the Courier & Press is right.This is not the campaign I wanted to run, however, I feel it is my duty to inform the public of the dangers we face if we do not have a change in leadership.The Mayor is not willing to admit to the sad state of financial affairs of our city, nor is he willing to fix it, so it is my duty to do so.Mayor Winnecke won’t talk about the General Fund reserves depleting from $4 million to $300,000, so I will.Mayor Winnecke won’t talk about our city’s half a billion dollars of debt that continues to rise, so I must.Mayor Winnecke won’t talk about the rising crime rate in our city, so that obligation falls to me.Mayor Winnecke won’t talk about the bad deals he’s made for the city, whether it be Earth Care, or massively subsidizing the downtown hotel with taxpayer dollars, or trying to deny taxpayers their homestead tax credit, so it is my responsibility to do so.I have made all of these points in the numerous debates, forums, and joint appearances throughout this campaign, and Mayor Winnecke has not once refuted these points; because he can’t.Negativity is not the way I wanted to run this campaign, however, I feel it is my duty to make sure you know the truth; that you know the facts of where the city is, and where we are headed.The choices in this election couldn’t be clearer; Change vs More of the same.I want to be Mayor of Evansville so I can meet the challenges before us.I want to bring more transparency and accountability to the Mayor’s office by ensuring that you, the public, know what is going on in my administration and where your tax dollars are going.I will foster an environment that brings in new businesses and jobs, and helps those existing companies expand.I will work to ensure our citizens feel safe in their own neighborhoods.I want to focus on improvements in the entire city, our parks, our streets, our sidewalks, and yes, our sewers.To me, I see problems as opportunities. Let’s solve them together, and let’s make Evansville better together.I look forward to serving as your next Mayor, and would appreciate your vote on November 3rd.Sincerely,Gail RieckenCandidate For the Mayor of EvansvilleFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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