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first_imgThe Department Chair for Biomedical Engineering, Kaiming Ye, has also started a different project. He has created a device that can sanitize N95 masks quickly and efficiently with the power of UV light. “It’s not something that’s happening 1000 miles away, it’s happening in our backyard. This is something very close to us, this is something which we think we can do for the local communities. This is what the university is about, we are in Binghamton, we want to help the locals,” said Ye. VESTAL (WBNG) — Professors at Binghamton University are working with local medical providers to 3D print masks, ventilator adapters, and more. Deng says he found 3D printing plans on YouTube and decided to get to work. Researchers have successfully printed several versions of ventilator adapters, which can be used on multiple patients at once and can be recycled. They have also printed N95 masks that can be reused by replacing a filter. “Our design for the ventilator has one inlet and four outlets,” said Binghamton University Assistant Professor Jia Deng. After the prototype is complete, it will head over to UHS for testing. For professors, these projects are a chance to make a difference that could save lives. center_img “We want to make sure the light can penetrate inside to the mask, not only to kill on the surface, but also inside it,” said Ye. Binghamton University says they have donated 4,000 N95 masks, 15,000 earloop masks, and 6,000 medical gowns to local medical providers. “Hopefully we don’t use it, but in emergency needs, we need adapters so that one ventilator can be used for multiple patients,” said Deng. The creation of these projects comes after a medical supply shortage due to the increasing positive cases of COVID-19. last_img read more

first_imgMid Hoosier Conference @ TimbergateNorth 209, Edinburgh 217, Southwestern Shelby 227, South Decatur 249.Medalist : North Decatur’s-Sidney Parmer 3 over 39.ALL-Conf: Parmer 39, Annie Gant 54 South Decatur .Courtesy of Chargers Coach David Espinda.last_img

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