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first_imgTo succeed in life, a one time greatest boxer of all times, Mohammed Ali said, “ The will must be greater than the skills”. I have come to realize as well that what we become in life is contingent on the choices we make, the opportunities we take and how we react to the challenges we face. The universe would be better places for all if our operating ethos were centered on peace, love, understanding and tolerance. We need to respect the dignity of human beings. As we continue our piece on peace and security from the perspective of young people, we would like to present the views of a young volunteer peace messenger, Nathan N. Gbelee who combines skills, determination and will to succeed. Nathan is 19 years old and is an outgoing senior at the Salvation Army Len Miller High School. Below are his views on the Amman Youth Declaration on Peace and Security-(Gwendolyn Myers-Executive Director/Messengers of Peace-Liberia Inc)Nathan N. GbeleePersonally my definition of peace is the ability of living without fear with yourself, your peers, community dwellers and others at large. It is not only the absence of war but living in harmony in societies free from diseases, famine and any form of violence.Peace is very important to me because it is indispensable. We all can’t live without it or co-exist without peace, it is only in a peaceful environment that things get improved, developed or standardized, it is very impossible to have a developed mind or society without peace, therefore peace is very important.On the roles of young people in peace and security, it is important to get involved. In line with this philosophy, I became a volunteer peace messenger because of the need to serve and to live the world a better place for generation after me. I am motivated by the great contribution of men and women like, Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Joan of Arc, Madam Leymah Gbowee and other freedom fighters not only by what they did but the great messages of encouragement put in place. Though I have never volunteered before, Messengers of Peace Liberia will help train me and expose me to opportunities that would unleash my many abilities and create a path or an avenue where I will explore my many abilities. I have an important role to play in my police Academy Community in Paynesville city. To the young people of Liberia, we are people who will be needed to operate state and other important affairs and a prerequisite to that is high level of preparation, one thing we must remember is this, “prepared things are for prepared people”. The messages of peace and participation in peace based initiatives should be the cardinal pillars for young people.In the next five years I dream of a Liberia that will be a place of opportunity for everyone not looking at religions, political affiliation, or status in society, managed and operated by prepared young people.Until next week, when we come back to you with Nathan’s review of the Amman declaration, peace first and May peace prevail in our time! Youth, Peace and Security. #Youth4PeaceShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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