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first_imgDear Editor,The parliamentary vote of no-confidence in the APNU/AFC Government since December 21, 2018, and the ruling of the CCJ, affirming the validity of the no-confidence vote on June 18, 2019, and calling on President David Granger to call national elections is in keeping with the Constitution and the rule of law. The CCJ’s call was also directed at GECOM and its Secretariat, to obey the Constitution and the rule of law, and noting that GECOM, a full-time body with perhaps a bloated staff, is required to be in a state of readiness to conduct election within 90 days.These wilful and brazen violations of the Constitution and the rule of law, by essentially a PNC Government, move Guyana away from the democratic norms, and closer to dictatorship with the confident reliance on the police, the army, the public service, GECOM’s partisan staff for its continued usurpation of power, as was the case of the of the dictatorship of PNC Government from 1968 t0 1992. History seems to be repeating itself in 2018-2020 by the PNC-dominated Government.The vast majority of the population of Guyana applaud and are grateful to the many voices of individuals, organisations, and the international community condemning the constitutional and rule of law violations, principally to hold on to power unconstitutionally and illegally. These illegal actions of the Government, the President, Vice Presidents, Ministers, Government Members of the National Assembly, some GECOM Commissioners, and GECOM senior staff, and heads of the Public Service Ministries must be condemned and sanctioned. International sanctions must be applied to these groups in the interest of democracy in Guyana. The international community has options as was done in relation to some other countries. Such options include but are not limited to:– Overseas travel restriction;– Suspension of travel visas, whether ordinary or diplomatic;– Revocation of visas; and– Freezing of assets overseas.A majority of Guyanese are confident that such actions by North American and European counties will help to restore and protect democratic norms of obedience to the Constitution of Guyana and the rule of law.Yours faithfully,Joshua Singhlast_img read more

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