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first_imgFirefox OS is coming soon, bringing a pure web experience to the world of smartphones. The operating system has already been spotted running on Samsung hardware and even the humble Raspberry Pi, but there’s more to a successful mobile platform than the OS itself. There have to be apps at the ready, too, and those will come from the Firefox Marketplace.While it’s not yet ready for public access, someone, somewhere has been allowed to browse its shelves. The screen captures show an experience that so far displays only a handful of featured apps perched above category icons — rather than a number of pages of recommendations like the App Store or Google Play. It makes sense for Mozilla to set the store up similar to the Firefox Add-ons site, where the community takes care of surfacing install-worthy creations.There’s a search box at the ready, too, for those times when you don’t feel like browsing around the Marketplace. Suggestions are offered as you type, just as they would be from the Firefox Awesome Bar.While only free apps are on display at this point, paid apps will definitely be landing in the Marketplace too. Purchase support has been part of the Mozilla Marketplace since the early days of its development, and it would make sense for both Firefox browsers and Firefox OS to utilize the same back-end to power their app shopping experiences.It shouldn’t be too much longer before you’re able to poke around the Firefox Marketplace on your own — regardless of whether or not you’re able to get your hands on an actual partner device. Mozilla’s developing everything out in the open, after all, and the developer community will be quick to share any progress it can.More at Engadgetlast_img read more