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first_imgStay on target ‘God Eater 3’ on Switch Brings Franchise Back to Its RootsHands-On: ‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Beta Left Us Hung… During NYCC, I got to play Monster Hunter World. The game won me over after Capcom announced it at this year’s E3, so I was very excited to play this demo. I was put in a group with other players who were clearly series veterans. Even though I have next to no Monster Hunter experience, I held my own fairly well. Most importantly, I had a ton of fun tracking down and slaying giant beasts. If an admitted Monster Hunter skeptic such as myself is impressed by this game, I’m sure it’ll open the doors to other new fans.I started the demo at a base camp where I chose my equipment. For this first hunt, I went with a sword and shield. After familiarizing myself with my inventory and the game’s controls, I followed my teammates out of camp to begin the hunt. I tracked the monster by interacting with portions of the environment the beast had visited. A glowing green light led me to where I needed to go.Eventually, we found the monster and began our attack. Things were going great until the beast suddenly ran away. We gave chase and ended up in the creature’s lair. This all felt like a trap. My instincts were proven correct when a giant Anjanath ambushed the party. This new, T-Rex-like monster was a far cry from the sluggish, over-sized iguana we were originally hunting. What began as a leisurely hunt soon became a battle for survival against a truly fearsome foe.AdChoices广告The scenario I found myself in speaks to Monster Hunter World’s dynamic nature. Unlike previous games, situations can change dramatically. Players must adapt in order to face whatever obstacles stand in their way. Conversely, players can take advantage of the game’s seemingly random nature. For example, we used hidden vines to momentarily immobilize the Anjanath. The game encourages users to mind their surroundings to discover what they can use to ensure a successful hunt.After dispatching the Anjanath, we had to face off against one of the series’ signature monsters, Rathalos. For those who don’t know, Rathalos is a giant, fire-breathing dragon who uses its spiky tail as a club. Its physical attacks were formidable, but the fact it could stun the group with its cries made it even more dangerous. Needless to say, this monster was not a joke.Rathatlos was difficult to hit since it could fly. For this battle, I had a longsword. While it has great reach, it requires extra time to swing and land a hit. This made hitting our flying quarry tricky. After a while, I had a good rhythm going and was able to land strikes fairly consistently. However, Rathalos soon tired of our shenanigans and flew off to parts unknown. We gave chase (and battled another Anjanath along the way) but our time was up, and the demo came to a somewhat anti-climactic close.While searching for monsters to slay, I made sure to check out the sights. Monster Hunter World’s stylized, detailed graphics make it a stunning looking game. Everything from the environments, characters, weather effects, day/night cycle, and monsters, are all visually impressive. All of this isn’t purely for show either, as the world informs you of places you can use to aid in hunts or hidden locations. It was clear how much work went into designing the game’s world.Due to the subpar presentation and cumbersome control scheme, I could never get into Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter World, on the other hand, is everything I ever wanted to see from the series. Even from the demo I played, the game’s depth was evident. The series has always been a hit in Japan but is barely known in the West. I believe Monster Hunter World has the potential to turn the franchise into a worldwide hit.Expect Monster Hunter World to drop on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on January 26.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more