Tag: 上海顶级夜总会排名

first_img       CABLE SPORT NETWORK   TRACK & POOLS         RJR                   DAILY GLEANER                                          —————-      —————-      —————-      —————-                                                               1.  AWESOME DESTINY       AWESOME DESTINY       AWESOME DESTINY       AWESOME DESTINY                                                                2.  SUPERTRONICS          SUPERTRONICS          SUPERTRONICS         #SUPERTRONICS                                                                   3.  COME DANCE WITH ME    BIG GEORGE            ANOTHER BULLET        BIG GEORGE                                                                     4. #POWER OF THE CAT     #GRAND TRAIN           SUB STRUCTURE         SUB STRUCTURE                                                                  5.  CLEARLY OURS          TURBULENT VELOCITY    CLEARLY OURS          BATTLE SONG                                                                    6. #SOY EL SENOR          CLASSY AVIATOR       #GOLDEN GLORY          GOLDEN GLORY                                                                   7.  BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR         #BOLD AVIATOR                                                                   8.  OPTIMUS               OPTIMUS               OPTIMUS               OPTIMUS                                                                        9.  COMMANDING CHIEF      COMMANDING CHIEF     #COMMANDING CHIEF      COMMANDING CHIEF                                                               10.  NO MONEY FRIEND      #CHIEF SECRETARIAT     NO MONEY FRIEND       NATASHADONTPLAY                                                                      CVM TV                TVJ                   IRIE FM               POWER 106                                              —————-      —————-      —————-      —————-                                                               1.  MY COMPANION          WILL IN CHARGE       #WILL IN CHARGE       #MY COMPANION                                                                   2.  MAN IN BLUE           SUPERTRONICS          SUPERTRONICS          MAN IN BLUE                                                                    3.  BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE            COME DANCE WITH ME                                                             4.  SPROUTING WINGS       SUB STRUCTURE         CLASSICAL TRAIN       SUB STRUCTURE                                                                  5.  AQUILO               #AQUILO               #AQUILO                CLEARLY OURS                                                                   6. #SOY EL SENOR         #GOLDEN GLORY          GOLDEN GLORY          SOY EL SENOR                                                                   7.  OUR CREATION          BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR          STAR NEW VISTA                                                                 8.  OPTIMUS               CHEXIMAKIT            OPTIMUS               PLAY BACK                                                                      9.  HOVER CRAFT           SHINING LIGHT         COMMANDING CHIEF      COMMANDING CHIEF                                                               10. #CHIEF SECRETARIAT     CHIEF SECRETARIAT     GENUINE FRIEND       #CHIEF SECRETARIAT                                                                    NEWS TALK 93          WESTERN MIRROR        STAR                  KLAS                                                   —————-      —————-      —————-      —————-                                                               1.  AWESOME DESTINY       WILL IN CHARGE       #WILL IN CHARGE        MY COMPANION                                                                   2. #SUPERTRONICS         #SUPERTRONICS         #SUPERTRONICS         #SIR LEYLAND HALL                                                               3.  ANOTHER BULLET       #BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE            COME DANCE WITH ME                                                             4.  SUB STRUCTURE         SUB STRUCTURE         CLASSICAL TRAIN       SUB STRUCTURE                                                                  5.  AQUILO                TURBULENT VELOCITY    AQUILO                CLEARLY OURS                                                                   6.  SOY EL SENOR          IAN LINKS             CLASSY AVIATOR        CLASSY AVIATOR                                                                 7.  BOLD AVIATOR          DOC HOLIDAY           BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR                                                                   8.  OPTIMUS               CHEXIMAKIT            OPTIMUS               SONG ON TRACK                                                                  9.  EDISON                SHINING LIGHT         COMMANDING CHIEF     #HOVER CRAFT                                                                    10. #NATASHADONTPLAY       LUCKYBEGOOD           NO MONEY FRIEND       NO MONEY FRIEND                                                                CAYMANAS TRACK LIMITED TIPSTERS’ COMPETITION       Racedate : 05/03/2016                                                     JAMAICA OBSERVER      SPORTS GLOBE                                                                                                     —————-      —————-                                                                                                           1.  AWESOME DESTINY       WILL IN CHARGE                                                                                                             2.  BIMINI                MAN IN BLUE                                                                                                                3. #BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE                                                                                                                 4.  REAL VIBES MACHINE    SUB STRUCTURE                                                                                                              5.  CLEARLY OURS          CLEARLY OURS                                                                                                               6. #SOY EL SENOR          GOLDEN GLORY                                                                                                               7.  BOLD AVIATOR         #BOLD AVIATOR                                                                                                               8.  LITTLE PRINCE         LITTLE PRINCE                                                                                                              9.  COMMANDING CHIEF     #HOVER CRAFT                                                                                                                10.  CHIEF SECRETARIAT     LUCKYBEGOODlast_img read more