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first_img October 21, 2020 Find out more RSF, IFEX-ALC and Media Defence, support FLIP and journalist Diana Díaz against state harassment in Colombia November 14, 2014 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Journalist investigating child prostitution attacked in Colombia Organisation RSF_en News Reports May 13, 2021 Find out more Follow the news on Colombia April 27, 2021 Find out more to go furthercenter_img RSF begins research into mechanisms for protecting journalists in Latin America News The journalist Oscar Castaño Valencia was assaulted and threatened by armed men four days ago as he was investigating the involvement of criminal gangs in child sexual exploitation in Antioquia department in North-West Colombia.For the past three months Castaño, director of the program “Oriéntese” on the TV station Cosmovisión, has been carrying out an investigation into child sexual exploitation activities by the criminal groups known as “combos” in the town of Bello in Antioquia. He was on his way to meet a source when he was attacked by three armed and masked men. He was tied up, threatened and beaten, then forced to sign a “confession” that he had gone there with the intention of raping an under-age girl. The attackers made a recording of the forced confession then let him go, telling him his life was at stake.After the attack, Castaño lodged a complaint with the state prosecutor’s office in Medellín, the capital of Antioquia department, and asked the government for protection. The journalist had previously been threatened when he was head of the trade union of the Colombian National University and was forced into exile for nine years in 1987. In 2011, he was threatened again after he made a documentary about disputes over mining activities. He says is now worried for his family. “Reporters Without Borders urges the National Protection Unit to ensure Oscar Castaño Valencia and his family are given effective protection as soon as possible,” said Claire San Filippo, head of the organization’s Americas desk. “The government must ensure that attacks on journalists do not go unpunished.”The combos are extremely violent and well known to the elite GAULA police units that specialize in cases of abduction and extortion. A GAULA unit carried out a raid in the area where Castaño was attacked a few days later. There has been an increase in threats against journalists in Colombia since the beginning of the year. The Office of the Defender of the Colombian People, a national body created to promote human rights, says it has recorded twice as many reports of threats against journalists this year compared with 2013. Colombia remains the second deadliest country for journalists in Latin America. It is ranked 126th of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders News ColombiaAmericas ColombiaAmericas 2011-2020: A study of journalist murders in Latin America confirms the importance of strengthening protection policies Help by sharing this information Receive email alertslast_img read more

first_imgby Joe Wellington Picture this: it’s a Thursday evening and overcooking my latest tutorial assignment has left precious little pre-drinking time. However, not all is lost. By cranking the usual drinking games up a notch (downing vodka shots to the sound of Pendulum’s ‘Blood Sugar’) I find myself in a perilously drunken manner in good time to make The Bridge before it gets full.Abandoning my bike outside The Bridge, after undertaking what can only be described as a suicidal journey, I find myself in the queue. I am in such an intoxicated state that I no longer see the world as it is, but as a series of long exposure photographs with long streaks of light occasionally attracting my attention. No problem; I’ll just flash the Bod card whilst trying to stare vaguely at the ground.After 45 minutes I was out, to the sound of the familiar phrase ‘I’m going to have to ask you to leave.’ My only crime? Throwing a tray of drinks onto the floor for no apparent reason.I’m not bothered. One of my good friends has also been evicted, and we start to walk back, bumping into another college mate on the way. The next thing I know, we are all stripping off our clothes before plunging into the surging Castle Mill Stream, to the astonishment of onlookers.Someone cleverly took our clothes, and so whilst stumbling naked up Hythe Bridge street we are stopped by the police. I decide that I’m not up for a night in the cells and so make a dash for it, eventually jumping back into the raging river in a last ditch attempt to lose the police. ‘Genius,’ I remember thinking.Things start to spiral out of control and before long I’ve got a number of officers chasing me along the bank throwing life buoys at me. Then, with a surge of white water, I am swept under a bridge, where there is no space to breathe between the rushing river and the bottom of the bridge. Whilst trapped under the bridge, with my life hanging in the balance, I experienced life changing thoughts. Only then, when I was close to death, did I realise how utterly stupid everything I had done in the last few hours had been. Luckily I survived, and was taken to hospital with hypothermia.Now, let me evaluate the whole story, in light of the dangers of binge drinking. Firstly I would like to say how underrated the danger of binge drinking is. When totally drunk you are not in control of your actions, and your judgement can rarely be further from reality. University lifestyle is a dangerous one, in that to some students it is normal to go out two or three nights a week and get completely legless. This is a serious health risk. I’m not talking about liver damage – although this will result eventually – but rather the risk we pose to ourselves and each other when in this state. Clubs and societies really can be disastrous too, often encouraging or even forcing binge drinking through peer pressure. Freshers’ initiations (which are banned in some universities) are particularly dangerous, where entry to the club or society is only gained after the subject has drank themselves into a stupor.I’m not calling for any of these activities to be banned, but for them to be undertaken in moderation. In some ways, I’m glad that I received this treacherous wake-up call because it has shown me the error of my ways; it’s great fun to go out, have a few drinks and perhaps once in a while get drunk. But not to the point where you lose control of body and mind (as I did), and certainly not to the point where the pleasant evening out rapidly transforms into a survival situation.Joe Wellington is a Physics student at LMH.last_img read more

first_img Promoted Content7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Penny8 Most Interesting Sylvester Stallone MoviesTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do12 Iconic Actors Whose Careers Were Stunted By A Single Movie10 Places On Our Planet Where The Most People LiveTop Tastiest Foods From All Over The WorldWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way20 Completely Unexpected Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’Albino Animals: A Rare Kind Of Ultimate Beauty A teenage goalkeeper has revealed the incredible moment he found he was training with Cristiano Ronaldo during lockdown. Filipe Goncalves is a goalkeeper for the youth team of Portugese side Nacional and one day was woken up by a phone call asking him to go and train at the Madeira Stadium in Portugal. Football across the world had been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic so Goncalves was surprised by the call. ‘We thought it was to work with the main squad,’ the 18-year-old told A BOLA. When Goncalves arrived at the stadium and entered the pitch with his team-mate Hugo Mosca, on the grass was Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus forward and Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo ‘We were incredulous, it seemed like a dream. We looked at each other and were speechless, we had no idea,’ remembers Goncalves.Advertisement Loading… center_img Ronaldo was in insolation in Madeira and asked the former club for permission to use the facilities. There were 10 training sessions in total, only three were with Hugo Mosca. Goncalves’ colleague returned home and Ronaldo trained alone with just Goncalves. At first it was a secret and Gonclaves couldn’t even tell his closest family. The youngster said: ‘I couldn’t tell anyone at all. It was forbidden. The information was that Nacional had returned to training and my parents thought that.’Until BOLA discovered Ronaldo in the Choupana and the secret was discovered. ‘It was total madness. Only when the news came out did I talk to my parents,’ Goncalves said. The Nacional goalkeeper also trained with Ronaldo’s son Cristiano Jr. Read AlsoTeenager Davies extends Bayern Munich deal ‘Our job was just to be on target for finishing exercises. Ronaldo did running and strength work, he never stopped, we followed. ‘Sometimes we stayed with the son doing some shots. The kid knows, he has skills, good technique and strength. For his age, he is on the right path,’ said Goncalves. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more