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first_imgARIESYou are likely to travel and cope with multifarious activity today as you are gifted in all levels of communication. Your intelligence and humour are scintillating and endear you to friends. Be aware of superficial connections and shallow people. Lucky number 6. Colour pastels. TAURUSLove and romance are on the cards today as true feelings are shared and expressed! A Leo person has a strong influence in your life. Health and energy are good as you participate in sport. You draw attention at a meeting while expressing dynamic ideas. Lucky number 11. Colour yellow. GEMINIThere is a song in your heart and lightness to your step. Good luck attends material affairs. You complete an important project that brings gain. A triangular financial or business collaboration is gainful. A Scorpio person can be exciting but demanding. Lucky number 9. Colour green. CANCERYou achieve success at work today. Accept a challenge that life offers you and keep going through ups and downs realizing that this too shall pass’. Change is the constant in life and one has to learn to flow with it. Enjoy every moment of life. Lucky number 6. Colour saffron. LEOYou can gain from communication and creativity as various projects are revived. A logical approach is necessary to arrive at your objectives. Many a brilliant idea or person can confuse you when you have all your plans laid out; its best to stick to them. Lucky number 6. Colour lilac. VIRGOYou go through ups and downs today! You are ambitious and indulge in an activity that can further your career. You can climb the highest peak with a light and playful approach rather than a heavy one. Remain balanced and playful to get the best response. Lucky number 15. Colour brown.advertisement LIBRAThe Priestess’ brings positive changes in relationships and business aspects after a short period of fluctuation in business, increase and decrease in finances and alternation in moods. Your presence makes all the difference, be where you are needed. Lucky number 2. Colour green. SCORPIOMessages and visitors can be expected. Business transactions and meetings can keep you busy. Some happy surprises in relationships add a silver lining to dark clouds. Loved ones bring joy and celebration in your life. Brilliant ideas and minds inspire you. Lucky number 1. Colour blue. SAGITTARIUSYou stand in the middle of the doorway trying to make decisions about personal and professional matters today. Do what is good for you rather than be manipulated by others. You can gain from being realistic in business and authentic in relationships. Lucky number 20. Colour violet. CAPRICORNCare in all things is advisable today. However, beware of penny-wise and pound-foolish attitudes in business. Building a professional foundation can be challenging! Loving relationships should be treated with tender, loving care. Children bring joy. Lucky number 8. Colour red. AQUARIUSYou experience the luxury of emotions and feelings today, as four golden Cups full of light greet you. Relationships flower with a special quality of love. As business booms, new opportunities for expansion are on the cards! A special trip materializes. Lucky number 4. Colour pink. PISCESBusiness projects move ahead smoothly. You juggle with different interests and opportunities before making decisions. Take one step at a time to climb the ladder of success when situations around you are shaky and unpredictable. Listen to your intuition. Lucky number 2. Colour pink.last_img read more