n order to analyze the position of Shanghai dragon H1 tag

mentioned in many webmaster to hide the H1 tag will be search engine that is cheating behavior in doubt. The author’s point of view is not considered cheating. For this we can take a look at the domestic famous website "NetEase" page code. As shown in figure




page code found in the NetEase of H1 tags in CSS style, the H1 tag is hidden. While Shanghai has 8 NetEase love weight, we can think of this hidden H1 tag does not affect the site of the Shanghai dragon.

the above we can see the home page sina贵族宝贝.cn H1 tags are not hidden, direct loading logo. From which we can see the site of the Shanghai dragon does not have an impact. At the same time, the author proposes to add a page in the logo link.

: a H1 tag placed on the inside CCS

compared with the NetEase H1 tag in CSS style, I think many webmaster will honestly the H1 tags are placed inside the LOGO, do not hide. And this we look at one of the mainstream portal sina贵族宝贝.cn. We take a look at the home page code. As shown in figure

We can in the

three: two pages can also use the H1 tag

Pictured above is the Taobao


two domain name in Taobao channel page. The other channel is not listed in the. We can find these two domain channel page are provided with H1 tag.

for the H1 label is not limited to home use. The author believes that in the two level domain we can also use the H1 tag. The search engine does not think this is cheating. Because the two level domain name in the search engine’s eyes is also an independent site. We can use the H1 tag to look at Taobao in the two level domain name. As shown in figure

two: the H1 label is placed inside LOGO

believes that H1 know tag site of the importance of optimization for optimization of the staff understand the point of the HTML code are clear. I think that many webmasters are the same with the author had hidden H1 tags will be search engine that is cheating the question. The search, the network did not answer what authority. While placing the H1 tag for the site optimization what impact? To solve this problem, the author will combine in the following several mainstream site H1 tags are placed on the H1 form, summarize the label placement for the Shanghai dragon.

said the NetEase from the above example we can see that the search engine does not hide the H1 tag when >

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