A new station on the line 2 months experience Optimization

5, making the site map. The site map, when I first heard of the Shanghai dragon, but has not understood, the lottery website program product site is relatively small, but the construction site, there is no consideration of the production site map, do not feel the need. After slowly understand website map, on the site began making the map, through the analysis of Web logs, it was found that.

1, the website submitted again. The line on the website, but two or three days are not included, my heart began to worry, because this lottery website program www.szbgw.cn/ products I bother to do it, but no effect, how can I not sad not sad. I have nothing to submit the URL, only after this approach is very wrong, because of repeated submission, will be listed as reincluding team.


site is mainly for the construction of the website keywords lottery program, not a month early station site on the line, I is full of confidence, to the lottery website is completely fall into the bottom of the initial line. Now, the website launched more than two months, through my efforts today website is xiaoyouchengjiu. This process is hard not to experience the person is unable to feel, but this process is valuable, is a fortune in my life. Below I will experience in website optimization software in the process of Xiaofeng share.

2, did not write keyword. In fact, many websites are not written for keyword, not written keyword problem is not, I just made a big mistake in the ruthless lottery website program site, is to constantly modify keyword, causing the site included a very slow.

didn’t do soft Wen promotion. Soft Wen promotion is actually published articles, in the optimization of the lottery website program site, this soft promotion is vacant. The appropriate soft Wen promotion on a website it is still very necessary.

said the new station is not easy optimization, no experience, really do not know where to. Just to the Internet Co or just graduated from the University of dreams and boundless vision for the future, I entered the Xiaofeng software company to do the work of the lottery software website optimization. Just begin to contact the site optimization, mainly is the chain construction, contact for a long time, he began to experience a lottery products station. The main job is to program this lottery lottery website marketing station.


4, frequently change the structure of the site. Shanghai Longfeng friends all know that the site construction must design a good website structure. I have started the lottery website program site structure design is good, but there are new ideas, so we changed some website structure. A small part of the website structure can be changed, the impact is not great. My site is a big change, structure change after that spiders are not coming for a long time.

website I would not introduce more, I mainly on the line on the website, some of the things to do, the wrong place, and we hope to share.

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