Analysis how to optimize the long tail keywords

we do long tail keywords ranking is to do long term ranking "keyword relevance" standard! Why? Because when users find information will appear similar word search ratio is quite high; for example: Search "Carola how much money?" then the next user will search what? Of course is to "Carola" related information; corolla, corolla, corolla configuration pictures and so on; this is the user will take on demand! If the article title is "the 2014 corolla picture" so watch the end of the article after the user will continue to pay attention to the corolla of the information, we need only time in at the bottom of the site is recommended in the article to call all about "corolla" article out of it! "

Wei Wei to talk about how to do a lot of long tail keywords ranking

Shanghai Longfeng personnel that do long tail keywords ranking is given within the pages of external voting can be, this is a good way; but we do not need the long tail word for only one or two, while the long tail keywords we do is a large number of words, so we are each page needs to be given to external vote to be able to participate in the rankings, this time we spend the time cost a lot; and Wei Wei to teach you a way is not only can save time, efficiency is the highest

?Most of the The next

so how should we decide which page is of no value? Can you say "customer demand" as the judgment standard? NO, not; this can not be used as the judgment standard, can only as a reference value, because some pages must belong to existing pages, such as: contact us about us company introduction and some inevitable page is not the needs of users, but it must exist in the web site; so can not say no value to the customer demand as the judgment standard, it can only as a reference value. We are the how to identify the page can have value for users of the page, some people would say "as Shanghai Longfeng perspective this page will certainly help to users, but from the user point of view this page is not helpful; at this time we will tangle: Shanghai dragon staff that there is a demand, users did not" we should judge whether it is involved in the user search keywords ranking or the title exists and contains the user search keywords user demand; some titles are no search keywords when, we do not belong to the fundamental value of these pages of the page, or search the words the user is not belong to our user groups.


we want to participate in the long tail word ranking page is valuable, and those who do not value need to be properly cleaned up the page; if the trash at home as rubbish more easily overflowing, need to clean out. Many people mistakenly believe that the value of the page is deleted without cleaning or shielding the page, we do not exist on how to value the page entrance removed the page, is on the front page or column page has not found the path of the page.

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