Shanghai Longfeng a time capsule


in addition, I also want to take stationmaster net. Stationmaster net is Shanghai dragon Er learning and growing, although one of the sources have been regarded as the chain, but a lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is from the stationmaster net income. Here we get the chain at the same time, also encountered more with the same purpose of Shanghai dragon Er, know more senior Shanghai dragon industry predecessors.

Jobs recently have new secrets are open to the public. In fact, this secret at the time is not what secret, just because of the time in the past 30 years to be evidence of the way out, plus Jobs has passed away, the magic figure, a "time capsule" has aroused great attention. Indeed, 30 years is not long, but in the technology sector, is a process to turn the world upside down. Most of the items inside time capsule just some unusual items, Notepad, beverage, literature, food packaging…… But one of them, Lisa witnessed the mouse science from "rare" to "universal" process.

second, search engine is necessary, no search engine, all Shanghai dragon would become meaningless. Whether you are in love for Shanghai traffic struggling, or has been focusing on Google’s body, even a 360 search, Bing search, Sogou search, we all have their own goals and direction. Who can prove that after the search engine will no longer exist? Who can prove that after the king now must be the king of

so, imagine, if we give the Shanghai dragon do a time capsule, after 30 years out, you will put some what? Let’s imagine: Guangzhou Qiyi network

of course, I also want to put those Moonlight blog, geeks Park, Shanghai dragon training institutions and so on all these things are put into the time capsule, their performance is very outstanding, so I will give them to look at as a milepost. Of course, they are guided by our Shanghai dragon road. Also, I want to make our Guangzhou.

if the time capsule can hold it, I want to put in the chain construction site is also included. Since the love of Shanghai to engage in what the user experience, the site within the chain construction becomes very important, but also because of this, I am a seven year old high weight station, ranking from Shanghai love home second began to slowly decline, I get half a day treatment still does not scorched by the flames. I want to take this into the chain construction within the time machine, look after 30 years I still worry about the site within the chain.

first, a variety of webmaster tools is necessary, no webmaster tools, we cannot analyze how our website, is increasing or decreasing trend, the flow situation, right down to the problem in the end and where. If the Shanghai dragon Er is an exploration of the traveler, webmaster tools undoubtedly is the front of the signpost, and as the hands of the blind crutch, helped us at a critical moment;

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