The content of the website will repeat the five problems caused by

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4. ranking search engine is a big factor in how many points to the web. Suppose we have two pages have exactly the same content. A web page has 10 connections, and another "20 connections. In fact, if only one page of the content that this page will have 30 connections. Therefore, this page ranking will be better than the two page at all.

2. to the search engine spiders crawl program takes the system resources. Therefore, the search engine will not want to see it to read web content is the same, because that is a waste of system resources (make an effort to read ", but did not get any new material). So, if a site has many duplicate content pages, search engines may decide to only a few pages to climb, and even may decide not to climb the site.

1. from search engine’s point of view, 10 or 20 search results it does not want the list is the same content. Therefore, with the content of the web search engine will only list a. That is to say, even though several pages have the same content, search engine will only list one page only.

is interested in search engine rankings, most have heard repeated content is very unfavorable for the website. But what is a bad law? Here are 5 duplicate content will cause problems:

5. duplicate content may be search engine as cheating. There is a wrong idea is, if I will be a web page or website copy on a different site, which can increase the web page ranking. This approach may be useful in more than 10 years ago, but now it has been search engine that is a kind of cheating. When the search engine caught this kind of situation, the entire site has been kicked out of the risk of search engine directory.

3. in several pages have the same content, it will be a web search engine on the results of the search engine is complete by decision. Although the theory of search engine should choose the highest ranking will be ", but actually search engine will be how to choose is the.

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