The website to win at the starting line the Shanghai dragon Er should have quality

ER Shanghai Longfeng qualities to be a qualified Shanghai dragon ER? This is also a lot of people want to know what buddy, you should also want to go to make up the defects of their own existence.

some people would say that the Shanghai dragon needs executive ability, said some of the needs of the Shanghai dragon technical ability, some said to accumulate good resources, some say need a good way of thinking, these kittens thought is too abstract, such as the execution of it, we all know that it is very important, every day in the mouth however, when they really do very few people can stick down, even if some people insist on also feel very painful, no future, even feel irritable, and further away from the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Dragon Technology buddy for some reason but can not play their own understanding of the technology, this being quite uncomfortable. The cat contact webmaster buddy less, but they also have such concerns, so in the face of choice not to easily try.

a qualified Shanghai dragon ER is required to do good website editing work, at least we want to know how to do some master is to use pseudo original, pseudo original method to make the base, that is the imitation. What large websites are depending on the content to obtain user traffic, because users think these words for their help, so useful to the user is the ultimate weapon of winning. So the buddies can try to write something more, after the accumulated feeling, so writing will be very smooth. The cat is tangled before I will not write articles, but after this period of time to write something every day, do not feel.

cat kitten think some quality of Shanghai dragon ER needed.

: the ability to edit

! It is to say that

says there are many examples of these kittens, the cat would like to say is that we have to dig deep into a qualified webmaster need quality, you will find that as long as their firm determination to do it is pretty easy to do, but some really can not do, this is a personal capacity problem. Don’t say they are not important, there are many things that can go through the day after tomorrow, see oneself want or want to do these things.

said kitten today to say things and win the website column in the starting line Never mind too much, but carefully think about or adding the title. This is why? The cat thinks that a good ER for the site of the Shanghai dragon influence is still very large, a lot of buddy now do not know how to be a qualified Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon that is manufacturing garbage on the Internet, this knowledge is really wrong. A website to optimize and run well, cannot do without the efforts of Shanghai dragon ER, Shanghai dragon ER to their website at any time to adjust according to changes in the Baidu optimization deployment, it will be more effective. The cat daily vernacular, go up

In fact,

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