Optimization of long tail keywords station

in the edit page content should pay attention to the content, if someone else is doing the text we have pictures, people do is picture and text we can add a short video. Such as "the long tail keywords layout" of the long tail word, others using the words to show the distribution, then we can put a long tail keywords, so that users will be more easy to understand. If someone put a map, then if we just illustrations is plagiarism, we can choose a long tail keywords high quality video insertion. In addition to the very high quality of the operating steps plus the screenshots show, love Shanghai experience inside the content is to do so. The first step is then introduced here is user illustrations, it is easy to understand this step in the end is how to operate, can refer to the experience of Shanghai with love.

1, screening of long tail keywords:

the same key words usually have many different search versions, such as "Shanghai dragon is what" is "what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon", "what is the Shanghai dragon" and "dragon Shanghai what is the meaning of" face different user search habits we should choose which one to the bottom or whether we can the long tail word all the layout to our website? The answer is negative, with a long tail words represent the same meaning, if we put all the long tail word layout to the website that will cause the same content of the page, it will lead to a lot of junk page. So it is necessary to choose a long tail keywords as the station one of the page title, in the above four which we choose "Shanghai dragon is what" because "the search volume is what" Shanghai dragon is the largest, search and other long tail word can also be found in the "Shanghai dragon is what". Choose the long tail word contained inside the long tail word segmentation Chinese can contain, in the long tail word segmentation Chinese cannot contain when we choose the maximum amount of the long tail word search. Screening out after being knocked out of the key words do not delete, can also be used again.

for a relatively large degree of competition, the long tail keywords and more content. "

, 3 thematic pages:

page layout of a long tail keywords, long tail keywords if competition is very small and can recommend the effect of layout on the same page layout, and must be on the same page layout, if not on the same page will cause duplicate content. The benefits of two mutually recommended word layout on the same page is to make content more abundant, the added value of the page is also higher.

station long term operation is mainly using the website pages and special column page layout a lot of long tail keywords. The long tail word ranking usually begins in the three months after the website ranking, but the long tail word layout needs to begin planning steps in building sites, different pages can not have long tail keywords repeat. The steps are as follows:

The additional value of

2, the title, content settings:

The best advice is a

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