Shanghai dragon training is reflect on the question of the art of thinking is the key to cultivate S

love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon training really many

I think that the cause of the problem is the first training problem, the first is the Shanghai dragon training low threshold, second is the training contents of dragons and fishes jumbled together; homogeneity, the lack of its own features highlights.

imagine, if more teachers concentrate their training in Shanghai dragon drive QQ group marketing, asking yourself some common problems and answer answer in the QQ group ", published some Shanghai Longfeng information in a timely manner, conscious outstanding students in the QQ group published opinions. As long as this stick, QQ group interactive teaching atmosphere will be better gradually, gradually guide the students to submit individual problems some learn from them (or even ask), and give timely and properly answered, "after the problem will be solved Teaching benefits teachers as well as students.", the teacher will not complain about? Also worry about.

indeed, Shanghai dragon can say is really not much, in addition to Shanghai dragon from Shanghai dragon operation principle, it is "the website structure, unique content, chain marketing and effect monitoring of Shanghai dragon"; from Shanghai Longfeng effect, is the "web site is included (" the amount collected and Shanghai Longfeng chain the amount included in the search engine results show), and the final Shanghai Longfeng flow". But if the teacher carefully prepared from their actual combat, including students extracurricular homework can be found on the issue, according to their plan to enrich, can at least speak some more targeted.


is the Shanghai dragon speaker lectures there is a certain degree of difficulty: Shanghai dragon so little is everyone speaks bad things; and, network teaching forever "teaching and learning" coaching communication inconvenient "weakness"; even the trainer can also use the "master door, repair in person to stall. But the fair from the angle of teaching that a lot of network training Shanghai Longfeng are indeed lack of sense of responsibility, for example, I participated in a well-known Shanghai dragon training, do homework, but the teacher correcting homework did not seriously read this charges or training, free training is undoubtedly worse.

on this point, I think, must make full use of the QQ group marketing — now Shanghai dragon network training mostly built QQ group, the purpose is to consolidate the users, but according to my experience, no ground for blame, this is more QQ group advertising — including training classes or student advertising advertising, there is no training teachers for students to provide some of the most the new Shanghai dragon information sharing, guide the QQ group of Shanghai dragon business exchanges, and did not give full play to the role of the QQ group, but not a huge waste, it is also impossible to consolidate the user, "let’s tell you the purpose.

is currently domestic Shanghai dragon training throughout the network. But overall, just passable Shanghai dragon training effect, Bo said: "I have participated in several training (Shanghai dragon) did not learn what".

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