To completely shield the spider trap we should stop what behavior

spider trap, is to stop the search engine spiders crawl the web barrier trap. These obstacles will prevent spider web crawling, thereby preventing the included web site. Below, the author analyzed the behavior of some few completely shielding spider traps need to stop the list for you for reference, we correct mistakes.

behavior completely shielding the need to stop the spider trap. In fact, as long as it is a hindrance to the spider crawling and grab the obstacles, can be considered a spider trap, should not appear on the website. I remind you: for the normal development of the website, we must make the site using formal techniques, to avoid the use of "black hat" means the site is unable to make opportunistic good website, only the rules do is right.

second, using Flash technology on the web, can use some JS code to replace the function of Flash.

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seventh, do not use the website structure is too complex, do not use the directory structure more than three levels, nor will the content on the page is placed too much, it is easy to search engine to crawl and grab.

eighth, if not necessary, or if there are other alternatives, try not to let the web browsing by Cookies, so that anyone can browse the web is a must.

iframe framework technology on the web, avoid this search engine unfriendly behavior, making the web page code to the search engine more friendly.

Information Engineering (贵族宝贝ynynyn贵族宝贝/), respect of the fruits of labor, please indicate the source when reproduced in.

fourth, try not to use dynamic URL, avoid due to mistakes or unable to open the page to open parameter errors.

The so-called Fifth, do not use the

third, no page implement any "jump function, if necessary, can use 301 permanent redirection to achieve the" jump "function, the 301 is a web search engine friendly to the steering technology.

sixth, on a web page using JS code to achieve, you can use div+css technology, filled with text and A tags, such wording is interested in the search engine, JS code navigation to search engine is not cold.

first, in the production with the registration website login page, not mandatory registration and login to the function of the website, to let anyone can browse the web, only the user wants to login, to display the login and registration functions, allowing users to choose from.

The above is about several Don’t navigation system

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