Website promotion need to pay attention to five major factors

first, select the

link is divided into inside and outside the chain chain two, small series do not recommend Adsense new sites soon began to do external links, this can only make the website is an empty shell, if the site itself is not love Baidu content, construction focus only on the outside of the chain which also do not have what meaning. In other words, if the site is not very good to attract the spider to grab the content of the website, will lose the meaning of doing station.


needs prompt webmaster is to choose your keywords and theme website itself has a relationship, to use the GG and Baidu Index to analyze what keywords will bring you flow the line on the website before, if not very popular on the search is no meaning, do not blindly choose keywords after modification, not burning Baidu it will teach you a lesson.

as a webmaster who do not want to do the website home page, who do not want to order a lot of change? Can love Shanghai so many webmaster tears ah, in fact, love is not from the status quo of Shanghai, on how to change the algorithm Baidu of the original and the user experience should not change not? Nonsense not say get to the point.

second, the original content of

believe that the webmaster know how a spider crawling your site’s content, Xiaobian introduce, Baidu spider is to read the content on your site through the code, if your website code is too long it will cause truncation of the spider crawling, this is one reason many websites for what has not been included. Remember to streamline the webmaster website code.

linksThe keyword


this article Kentucky door ht>

how to promote their own websites, can let you know love love Shanghai, love Shanghai hate those means of cheating, many owners anxious by black hat thinks he is clever, and he knows how to die as long as the door, KFC suggested that if your site to let in Baidu that must be stopped it should follow the rules of the so-called.

code can not be too messy

is the title of the site are already determined, many webmaster don’t see what rookie improvement is thought wise a random change, Xiao Bian tip webmaster in website submission prior to determine your keywords, if the station weight is relatively high, is not to change.

know Baidu love original things, but how many webmaster do to provide Baidu food every day is fresh from? As long as you fall in love with the sea can be found to what has been recorded, you copy will be included? The reason is very simple but how to do it? Small advice for your own use their own language, plus some terminology or synonyms, such a long time won’t be wasted Why not??

third, frequently changed title

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