Shanghai Longfeng what should carry on the website promotion

I think we should The update web content

two: Web application and structure of

Shanghai Longfeng what should promote, I am a beginner of Shanghai dragon, it is very superficial understanding, bought a few books to learn about, such as Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon combat password Raiders, there is usually to Shanghai dragon forum, such as Admin5, this article I wrote the first article promotion. I would like to summarize some of the site as a novice how to promote.

: the keyword

website, the website structure of Se tree structure is love, there is some details of things, reduce the spider crawling difficulty, let more pages indexed.


website is ready, the choice of site procedures, the construction of portal station personal recommendation DEDE, DZ forum, the novice can build a blog to blog optimization, you can select the WP program, you can choose some ready-made templates, there are a lot of ready-made templates will easy to do.

is often seen in the Shanghai forum has been a strong emphasis on the original dragon, in fact, is the original power of a website, but Daoban did not? Tencent is Daoban, the love of Shanghai is Daoban, Taobao and Daoban, why can they succeed? Not that pseudo original can not only for better. I have always been pseudo original, because I am not good at writing, can write something original, but a lot of knowledge industry could not understand, how can write original content to? Especially many beginners, but can not write to the original, so only the pseudo original, pseudo original and not replace several synonyms you can convert, under paragraph. You can buy this love Shanghai not included in the book, scanning him down, and he was sent to the site, this is the original, but that it is best to choose to spread the book, so to avoid unnecessary disputes, for reference only, but you can’t love Shanghai library so powerful are generally not how. Can also reach * * >

novice website promotion from the following several aspects, keyword analysis, website construction, website content update and adjustment of the website chain, if this part is done, the promotion will at least reach the pass line. Here specifically about:

The structure of the

website home early to choose a good keyword, selection and analysis of key words is very important, which means a site for future development, is a crucial link, a good keyword can bring you tens of thousands of income, try to choose their own industry and love the industry, it can make you full of passion and fight. The need for adequate funding, to do 3-6 months or even longer without income plan, if enough funding can also use the money to Shanghai dragon resources optimization, an important part of capital is also a successful website.

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