The enterprise website ten recommendations before and after the Shanghai Dragon

1. to determine the structure of the entire site and no change in

from earth know plays a big role in a web page Keywords and Description has been unable to keywords ranking to improve, but for the enterprise website, the most important thing is to promote their products and spread their information, so the amount set of keywords is very necessary. As for Description, "Shanghai dragon wisdom" in the book repeatedly referred to the website of Description is the best description of major business enterprises and contact information, sometimes also can play the effect by surprise. Of course, as for how to set up, that is different, each one takes what he needs.

set 2. checkAlthough all

Keywords and Description

, of course, is not to let you add Nofollow tags to your own Links, these immoral things not to do. The enterprise website will generally have what about us, profile similar pages, these pages are usually in order to give visitors to see, God for the overall ranking of website promotion is not necessarily any help, but these pages because of customer requirements also was placed in the very front, so my own decisive plus rel= "nofollow", originally the new home page weight is not very high.

website to the website before will be very clear, and can easily change the site structure if necessary. I personally love the site planning for the two binary tree structure, such as the Fortes diagram shown in Chinese lighting website, page multi-level classification, and the structure in the site map, will be very beneficial to the search engine spiders to index your entire site area.

recently hand inside the station of a company because of a failure without timely open the search engines, although a certain influence, but also let me believe in a blessing in disguise, gradually stabilized after the website, keywords ranking will rise directly to a high position. Just take this opportunity to talk about some local enterprises should pay attention to before the line on the website, when the right to remind myself.


The structure of

4. links to add nofollow tag

3. web user experience

enterprise website focusing on simple page rather than fancy, focusing on the effectiveness of information rather than comprehensive, but this does not mean that a business website should be as simple as a blank sheet of paper, it can not consider the Internet based user access. So in addition to the most basic drugs compatible with mainstream browsers, should do some basic tests before the enterprise website, to the user’s perspective to experience as the website, search products and inconvenient problem do the people do not feel, but is a serious problem for some white users.

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