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manually modify the Title title after only 7 pages to repeat the question, this is my no solution, the reason is the repetition of these titles are automatically generated, check to check their web page title repetition problem can be landed nobility baby webmaster tools in HTML, in order to better modify.

want to know the search engine go with the user, fill in the Title header to ensure that users can smoothly read this page is what, then the search engine will think that this page is what. So we often find that.

(a baby webmaster tools list to repeat the title page)

page title in a month ago (Title), then the performance is: love Shanghai snapshot 4 days not update, aristocratic normal baby. And I just changed two phrases. In the early Jian Bo modified Title, the most frequent period, the following is Lou song song I had to modify the Title process to provide some experience.


(Lu Songsong blog page title title duplication)

I made a

1: how to ensure that the Title does not repeat

2: simple, do not stack keywords

is in Shanghai Longfeng stack keywords people most likely to commit errors, in order to improve the relevance, in the title of a pile of words, this effect may be counterproductive.

is the title of "optimization is the most important factor, the page title Title is equivalent to a given web page content, it tells the search engine spiders this page is about what. So the importance of any one "Title is the highest, far more than keyword and description.

for the CMS program (such as dedecms), the classification of Title repetition problem is more prominent, a lot of column articles have tens of thousands of articles, pages are dozens of pages, then if we in the page title (Title) into circulation, such as page second – column name – the name of the web site. In this way the effect will be better.

it is hard to solve this problem, including many specialized research Shanghai Longfeng optimized website often make this mistake, and this is the most direct impact on the search engine to see this page from the page title in the end is what.

I like this small website said, in the last year to cancel the Z-blog title of the Shanghai dragon plug-in, this problem has been significantly improved, manually modify the title, although the user search found the title still repeated, but at least the noble baby don’t think so, because most of the Title part of the blog of the program is my handwriting.

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