The ranking is not stable webmaster how to survive

many owners in the promotion of the time, in order to search engine weight effect, all love to promote business name. For example, our company is the construction site, with "Shanghai site construction"

substation construction

from the recent love Shanghai update site is very much affected. K, right down, ranking dropped and so on are uncommon. No matter what is the purpose of love Shanghai adjustment strategy, for most of the webmaster or on the website for students to website optimization and promotion for employees, can afford to toss the ups and downs. Especially the regular site, even if manslaughter may be restored. But a few days did not make their own income to do rankings off site without performance with the boss to explain how.

to promote their own brand

regardless of rules, big website platform is always sitting there quietly. Each individual station is K half alive when you will find at the front of the line are those pages within the website. These prepare in advance, on one hand, but also the prevention propaganda website to changeable period the user can’t find your information. In particular enterprises, many enterprises now have to platform enterprise specialized two level substation, the functions are complete, free charges also have the. Different industries have different choices, generally according to the website ranking in the industry to choose sub station. Site is the chance of K is almost no, so keep this in reserve, can also reduce the survival crisis in a certain extent.

based on

many websites are short-lived business users love to do, come and go, who do not know who, who can not find who. Now the interactive website provides function is stored in the user very good way. For example, micro-blog QQ certification blog has attention function, QQ also directly to the user as a friend. As long as usual store customers, do basic maintenance, when customers are large, even in the absence of a search engine, you can survive a profit. No matter what kind of network marketing way, the ultimate goal is to do as soon as possible to the users of resources, will become better and better, the road to go.

although it is great for love Shanghai station group attack, but officials have not standardized "stations". Relying on a website to survive, especially has not played its own brand website, no matter how large the flow, are dangerous. This line may be broken at any time. The establishment of a number of similar sites is good, but due to various sites over a wide range, need to take care of too much waste of manpower, energy. Classified according to the characteristics of the business, but to optimize each business long tail word. It can be better to avoid being killed, not to let the performance becomes zero. Of course, if all is K, it can only let you out of luck. One thing is never to stand group manipulation group operation of these sites, to independent operations, now love Shanghai in this regard is more sensitive.

platformHow to change the

a variety of ways to store user resources

business segments

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