A Shanghai dragon Er every day what to do

is not just contact Shanghai dragon without a clue? Is not to know Shanghai Longfeng every day to do what is not? Don’t know the chain how to send, how to find the platform? Even when the first contact for Links, added a lot of groups of sad no response. We are a little bit out of Shanghai dragon the road how to go.

SEM, and promotion tools, is to provide us with the keywords, to make good use of it.

, and a lot of Links group. I really want to tucao. On the same day when they learned how to change Links, said that by adding group for Links. I then added a lot of groups. A group of very pious, but without a pass. I’m really hurt. Later, all ready.

fourth, you can also add head of the group, and the webmaster lay a good relationship.

? optimization workLove Shanghai statistics

every day included flowmeter PV changes and site use Adsense tools to check the keywords ranking changes. When appropriate, can be a form of Excel, keywords ranking statistics every day. Then according to some changes, timely adjustments.

The Shanghai dragon

three, combined with the SEM tool to do

is simple, search engine optimization. What is the optimal? Is this forum shopping, the Post Bar look again in the blog comment with a link, do this, is not the heart are not the end point. Yeah. Where is the bottom. Really do not know how to do, how to do good. It is the depth of knowledge.


how to do? Today we came together in Shanghai Longfeng Er of the long and winding road.

, what is the Shanghai dragon

let me say how I added. For your reference.

five, how to send the chain, the chain platform how to find ?

The first

two, keywords ranking, included and PV

now many site owners with the domain name SEM, and SEM should be combined with the Shanghai dragon. SEM love Shanghai statistics can give us some suggestions on the optimization of Shanghai dragon. For example, you can add keywords ranking optimization, site diagnosis speed etc.. If you want to expand some of the long tail word, can also help the promotion of SEM client in the keyword tool.

third, leaving the exchange connection means in the relevant platform.

fifth, see the Links situation, if some friends of the chain drop right or other problems, should be promptly removed so as not to affect the overall situation of the chain, their own website. Be sure to check every day.

second, on the site can be seen in the bottom left of the Links exchange website or other way of contact buttoned no..

Links exchange

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