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A5 published from the original article, grass root webmaster junior high school graduation speech, organization ability is very limited, you forgive me, share my experience last month at the beginning of new station with you. To tell the truth I have not account recharge, plus a few days A5 canceled the forum signature, more let me not recharge. But now, it is completely mistaken, my station is the last month before the 2 established a vertical class forum did the local comprehensive portal, meet the problem everyone must have clear, pre operating funds, manpower, pre promotion is the only way which must be passed a comprehensive portal. I want to A5 at the station is more like me personal webmaster. To operate a local comprehensive portal is not really rely on their own power to complete the.

domain name:


The first time


is a webmaster all know how important is the domain name for a web site, we all love Larry domain, highlighting the strength of simple and easy to remember. All know that the COM domain name is the best, but unfortunately I the Larry COM domain names in the domestic well-known domain name investors asking a hand, we can think. Only be second choice net, the relative investment less! Can get maquan.net this domain name is Larry net.

then stepped into the topic, I established the new station by accident, because the rural home, the family raised by a guard dog. It is a string of malinois. To settle whether rural or city to eat dog meat in winter Hot pot unusually hot, last winter estimated my dog was stolen a Hot pot shop dishes. Because no dog is going to go home, people network, Ganji went to the dog. Then to the breed: the Malinois (Chinese said: horse dog), suddenly let the dog’s working ability to conquer. Started from the Internet to collect the relevant data and the domestic dog breeding training this dog kennel and institutions. The establishment of the website resources accumulated.


ranking (picture is truth)Objective: The cause of

I said, like everyone else did the local comprehensive portal. I found everyone there is a common problem is the creation of many sections, segmentation. I remember seeing an article about it in A5, a person is limited, how to manage the various plate filler content on a railway station is a toil. For a >

told everyone, because of personal technology and other reasons the development program is not only the choice, we all know discuz forum program as the main program website. In April 2nd formally completed. Face the empty site I have some vacant. I even even rookie forum program Shanghai dragon set did not know how to write. He then asked the friend. Step by step, improve the basic setting of the

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