Clerk how to optimize the enterprise should stand

enterprise station article content less, but more products and many products are shown in the picture, impact site open speed so be sure to choose a good space, because of the great influence of the space quality of the site, there have been countless people verified.

third step,

about the station optimization many people said, the reasonable control of the site structure, the use of bread crumbs navigation. This is all very friendly to users and search engines. Another picture must be illustrated with ALT tags, in Shanghai site diagnosis is mentioned if the website pictures too much can put all the pictures together, this can reduce the number of pages submitted to enhance site open speed.

Use of nofollow tag

website content update, because the enterprise itself weight is not high so the content of this article is relatively high, must be the original high quality soft wen. Add in the anchor text content, the long tail keywords reasonable interspersed in the article. The best to reflect.

The first step of

these are some of the station before the site built, many people love the title, keywords, description and writing are the same, is to use a large stack keyword, the website is not good. There will be suspected of cheating and cause the search engine punishment. Selected keywords for the enterprise can stand fast optimization of a great relationship. The word is of little value to optimize the cold door, too hot word competition is too general to spend a lot of time and effort. Keywords general write keyword can be, about 3 to 5, other products can be used to realize the long tail keywords.


station optimization and site updates

The fourth step,

, choose a good web site templates.

Shanghai dragon develops very quickly, because of its high cost, help began to be recognized by more and more enterprises to the long-term development of enterprise website. So many enterprises to enterprise website optimization is also more and more attention, so how better to do enterprise stand optimization? Maybe everyone’s views are not the same, then I say some of my own views.

Second step

reasonable, Shanghai seems to love the nofollow tag is not very cold. We put some unnecessary links all add nofollow tags on my website, for example, contact us, company profile, website message, and the useless of the website keywords are added nofollow, the focus on the web page weight or have a certain effect.

enterprise website station because of its relatively small size, but the product covers more so in the establishment of the time to choose a good web site templates, the template optimization of Shanghai Longfeng can reduce some of your questions in the optimization process. Some Internet companies in order to facilitate the establishment of the station still station system a few years ago to the station, to the search engine obviously has been OUT.

good choice Reasonable selection of Web site keywords

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