After the 300 World War Sogou play

Sogou input method

first asked a question, love Shanghai get so big in the search market share has China, even the nobility of babies are not a good discussion, how do other people search


then, @ Guo ang 9 published a micro-blog:

second: famous broke @IT deep throat micro Bo said, Sogou to Tencent, offer 2 billion dollars. Before Sogou web search effect for @ 9 Guo ang reply: not really.

enemy? Friends? Frenemy

and 360 is the essence of the browser wars, the past is now too, so in fact, Sogou has little effect. The arrival of this day as early as everyone expected, is a little bit earlier. Sogou students need not nervous, the income is not important, not less, before the old 4 time much longer than the old 2. The most important thing is to continuously improve themselves, keep the leading position in technology and products, and the introduction of more valuable innovations.


see Dr. Wu Jun before, @ Tencent executives to return to the noble baby served as chief engineer of the answer: I don’t want to go to the Tencent to do a search, they let me do. I think that the Tencent can not search the gene, they also made me do it. The new architecture I do if the line is cattle, but they did not adjust. (see [email protected] Ru Li Yun Sina Technology reported: "former executives Wu Jun reflection search strategy" Tencent)

so, who should listen to


saw some news about Sogou yesterday evening on micro-blog:

three micro-blog, three people basically represent different identity, that is, the authorities of association spectator, Sogou 300 wars should be how to handle the opinions.

The first is Sogou

the browser search "three stage" model but rather in rural areas surrounding the city, armed seize power "taste, but according to Sogou statement, 360 play is the trick, it is now 360 rushed so fierce, fully proved that this model is correct, Sogou leadership will unite closely around CEO in Wang Xiaochuan, and strive to build a" harmonious society challenge love Shanghai, beware of 360 ".

, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said Sogou 360 copy mode, in this situation, Google is the most affected, followed by the love of Shanghai, Sogou was not affected, but closer to the leader and love Shanghai gap. Because the 360 entry, search has entered a new era of the Three Kingdoms love Shanghai, Sogou and 360, Sogou and 360 "frenemy";


harmony is not you want to buy, want to buy can buy. In a word: only has the ability to win the war and have the ability to maintain peace, deep thought.

look at this answer, You’ll see. why do love Shanghai but noble baby.

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