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just though, we’ve seen a lot of apps coming up for the next platform, such as tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, and virtual reality

in 2005, I became obsessed with the Internet economy and read every book I had about the internet. I have a passion and inspiration for networking. I’ve found that the best way to start an online business is to build a website and then promote aff products. So I began to study and read a lot of books about it. I did everything I could to absorb knowledge this is March 05.


people are always trying to create the next great social network, and entrepreneurs can’t avoid it. Creating the next Twitter, Instagram and Facebook means you have millions or even billions of active users. If your goal is to have as many users as possible, then this is a game you can compete for.

is now more and more aware that the last great social network is Snapchat. It was launched five years ago and is now available to more than 150 million active users, just before it was launched. During this time, there were many other social networks, and the response was good. But recently, it’s always been felt that this window for large users is closed, at least in the US market.


second, the basic knowledge of CB is translated, hope it can help many beginners, there are people with my , or ask, what is CB, how to make money… I hope the novice can see the five translation articles, although do not know how to ask after all the translation and the original thread the meaning of the expression is different from the mean, narrow the gap between the translation and the original translation is always the goal but I believe that these 5 new questions were enough to solve. as an aside, many people sometimes understand but can’t understand, to obtain some useful information, I have already said, never mind, I know the way to make money even tell you, despite the poor earn. Open, fair and transparent competition is better

today, with all kinds of applications emerging, we need to rethink the scale of social networks.

although sometimes, these applications can use their huge size and a large pool of talent to achieve platform such as Facebook jump jump to the mobile version, although they missed early severe vessels, but there are always rising powers Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc..

I haven’t had much success in a few months, but I’m determined. Why? You see, I hate my job, even in the famous government lab. I want to get out of that place and live a lifestyle I want, just like the way many web owners talk about life.

The reasons for When I was a graduate student in

editor’s note: the author M.G. Siegler is the general partner of shlf1314 before Ventures, he believes that the current market on the various social applications has been saturated, in order to achieve breakout success, don’t need to change the way of excessive pursuit of the number of users, and should be accurate positioning, targeting specific user groups, social networks will do fine, do special.

are both self-evident and elusive. Is not to say that these new social network than before — some compelling application performance, running speed and improvement experience, or the application of a few blocks. Of course, many applications are now starting at a higher level than before. But the current situation is that many countries have reached the saturation status of smartphones. Because of this, many users now have social networking sites they often visit, the ones that we are all familiar with.

then translate his website’s self introduction section:

: first of all, in the morning, he opened his net and found 13 new messages. Thank you brother and thank you. Because in learning foreign Wangzhuan, think I read a lot of English information, why not translate it, because it is easy, it is good to let others benefit, Why not?

in September 05, I stumbled across GG, ADW, and PPC marketing. I began to devour e-books, especially in PPC aff marketing. Within four months I was able to expand my network business, earning $10000 in December of that year. In June 06, 15, I resigned, gave up 90000 dollars a year, entered the "survival of the Holy Land", and no longer work. Pretty soon, in April 07, I founded several companies, and around the aff field, my profits are now 90000 knives a month and growing fast.

Before translating this article,

of course, the idea that these popular apps won’t fall is dangerous – after all, that’s how the world works. But change requires catalysts. That’s why many people wait and actively look for the next platform after the phone. The new platform is the best catalyst, because they not only change the game, but also reset the rules.

finally, shlf1314 the word "supper aff". The headline is "superaffliatemindset". In that case, translate the person’s information. AmitMehta had heard, famous foreign Wangzhuan figures. The attachment is his two photo.

about world performance marketing company PMW author’s company

, but the game is over.

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