Let the site quickly is the major search engines!Three new board O2O Unicorn born in 2014, died in 2

since 2015 March to get financing, Zhuge world for rapid expansion, the number of service stations from 132 to 216, including the number of employees expanded from 85 to 390 people at the end of the year….

2015, Zhuge world was ST risk warning, founder Qi Qing did not mind, he told the media, "in the Chinese stock market, Internet Co is ST normal again.". If the Jingdong listed in the country, it will certainly be ST."

January 2015 -3 months, the world continues to introduce Zhuge Heding Long Feng wisdom Valley two equity investment institutions to provide working capital to the company, completed the B round and C round of financing totaling 195 million yuan.

unfortunately, over the past two years, "will be ST" Jingdong continue to grow Chinese business tycoon, and Zhuge himself and the analog world, 2016 live hard, early 2017 to 12 million 250 thousand of the valuation sold a controlling stake.

Qi Qing will hold it and create Wantong 46% to 2 million 300 thousand yuan price transfer to Wu Rangsheng. After the completion of the acquisition, Wu Rangsheng holds and create a 95% stake in Wantong, become its controlling shareholder, and through the creation and Wantong indirect control of Zhuge’s 40.8% stake in the world, Zhuge become the actual controller of the world.

the new board did not let Zhuge down here in the world the world, Zhuge launched the D round of financing, with the price of 69.3 yuan per share issued 1 million 730 thousand shares, raising 120 million yuan of funds, the valuation of the company reached a new high – $6 billion.

6 billion yuan valuation fell to today’s 12 million 250 thousand yuan, this data is Qi Qing more than two years of entrepreneurship, the most straightforward and cruel results. After the acquisition, "Zhuge world" inevitably encountered the fate of the "out", replaced by a new "small confused excellent service", the securities referred to by "ST Zhuge" changed to "ST excellent service."".

, however, it has also become the final scene of Zhuge world, who also didn’t think the weather situation with O2O >


2015 is the new three hot year, Zhuge also set his sights on the world known as the China Nasdaq market, and successfully listed at the end of October, stock code: 833933, to become the new board O2O unicorn.

looks, this once made the market attention of the new three board O2O unicorn, in the car market after the start of the business can not go on.

2014 was called the first year of O2O, all kinds of O2O has been favored by the capital, tens of millions of dollars of financing, and constantly refresh the start-up company’s highest record of early financing. Zhuge auto mall business began this year, and in July of that year to obtain A round of financing, from the gold Yufeng Beijing Investment Co., Ltd. 40 million yuan capital increase.

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