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Foreign exchange rates

These are indicative wholesale rates for foreign currency provided by the Bank of Canada on Thursday. Quotations in Canadian funds.Australia dollar 1.0026Brazil real 0.4026China renminbi 0.1912Euro 1.4936Hong Kong dollar 0.162615India rupee 0.01983Indonesia rupiah 0.000095Japan yen 0.01162Malaysia ringgit 0.2962Mexico peso 0.07093N.Z. dollar 0.9254Norway krone 0.1599Peruvian new sol 0.3913Russia rouble 0.02120Saudi riyal 0.3390Singapore dollar 0.9324South Africa rand 0.09497South Korean won 0.001111Sweden krona 0.1560Switzerland franc 1.3182Taiwanese dollar 0.04190Thailand baht 0.03824Turkey lira 0.3598U.K. pound 1.6506U.S. dollar 1.2711Vietnam dong 0.000056 read more

Sri Lankas envoy to the UK meets The Queen

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Manisha Gunasekara, met The Queen and presented her Letters of Credence.Buckingham Palace said that during an audience, Manisha Gunasekara was received by The Queen and presented the Letters of Recall of her predecessor and her own Letters of Credence as Ambassador from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to the Court of St. James’s. (Colombo Gazette)

INTERVIEW I believe that the country is at a very difficult stage

The Government is struggling to rally support from Iraq’s various political groups and ethnic communities – precisely when, according to the UN envoy, unity is what it needs most to stamp out the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as Daesh, which still occupies a third of the country.  In addition, the terrorist group’s systematic human rights violations have led to an increase in the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs), whose humanitarian needs are growing every day, even as the attention of international donors is focused on numerous other crises around the world. The country is a rare example of democracy in the region. The current Government emerged after democratic elections. You can see this in the work done by the Parliament and the political forces represented in it. You can see the vibrant civil society that is there. Following a recent briefing to the UN Security Council, Mr. Kubiš shared with the UN News Centre his views on the latest developments concerning Iraq, including the need to ensure that some three million IDPs are able to eventually return to their homes, the importance of the international community’s continued support for the fight against ISIL and his faith in the country’s democratic institutions.UN News Centre: You have been heading the UN mission in Iraq since February 2015. What is your assessment of the country’s current situation?Ján Kubiš: Well, I believe that the country is at a very difficult stage of its development, in particular since the onslaught of Daesh. It’s a very complex situation, full of various influences, both within the country and in the region. But at the same time, there is hope, there is potential. And that is why I believe that the Iraqi people and Government as well as their supporters from the international community can still successfully stamp out Daesh and achieve a level of development that will contribute to the stability, security and prosperity of the country. An increasing number of people, including families with children and the elderly, have encountered deadly ambushes as they try to escape areas controlled the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Photo : UNAMI Ján Kubiš, UN Special Representative for Iraq, discusses the latest developments in the country. Credit: United NationsAnother major area of concern is human rights, with a focus on women’s rights, minorities’ rights and children’s rights. This is an extremely important part of our work. Dedicated members of our team are indeed working and following up on specific human rights issues all over the country, and we also work with the Government and other institutions on this aspect. We should not forget about long-term objectives for the UN and the country, including economic and social development. So we try to be engaged in these areas as well. Another element of our work consists in regional outreach as a way to mobilize the neighbouring countries and gain their support for the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi people.UN News Centre: What are Iraq’s strengths in dealing with its challenges?Ján Kubiš: I believe that we should not only look at what the situation is in Iraq, but also at the environment. The country is a rare example of democracy in the region. The current Government emerged after democratic elections. You can see this in the work done by the Parliament and the political forces represented in it. You can see the vibrant civil society that is there. You can find different interesting concepts there that should help the country to stay united, to stay together and to work for the future. So this is one of Iraq’s advantages. Meanwhile, there are many other world crises, in and outside of the region. There are situations that require a strong engagement from the international community. There are humanitarian catastrophes, not only in Iraq, but also in many other parts of the region and the world. And this means that donors sometimes tend to focus on the emerging crises and, in a way, pay less attention to the older crises that are already there. That’s sometimes called donor fatigue; sometimes it’s simply called prioritization, but it does affect the situation. That’s why one of our major tasks is to work with the international community and tell them: “Stay on course! Provide support to Iraq!” This is a case that is not only humanitarian – which means it needs compassion. That’s why one of our major tasks is to work with the international community and tell them: “Stay on course! Provide support to Iraq!” For example, European countries are now struggling in the face of the migrants who are trying to come to the continent. They are talking about addressing this phenomenon at its roots. What would be more efficient than to prevent waves of migration from Iraq and support IDPs that are still willing to stay in the country and go back to their homes? Even if this means giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the country this year and the next.UN News Centre: Prior to Iraq, you were the UN’s top official in Afghanistan. Are there any similarities between your experience there and what you are doing now in Iraq? And how does your experience in Kabul inform your experiences in Baghdad?Ján Kubiš: There are many similarities, but I would say that they are more superficial than anything else. I believe that every situation is different and very specific. I try not to just automatically apply the experience learned from a previous situation to a new one, but it is also true that parts of the methodology and approach are applicable. So I’m trying to utilize my experiences from previous conflict situations and put them to good use when dealing with the situation here in Iraq and in the region. A second advantage is that Iraq is full of educated people who are ready to work for the future of the country. And I believe this is a major one. I would add as well that we benefit from the increasing support of the international community, perhaps because of the perception that we can do better in Iraq than in some other regions and areas of the Middle East.So I believe that the country has advantages. Eventually, what will underpin all of this is also the country’s economic potential. Let’s not forget that while Iraq is short of funding, short of money, short of revenue because of low oil prices, the fight against ISIL and terrorism in general, and the humanitarian crisis, it is potentially a rather wealthy country. So potentially, again, this is an advantage that they can count on.UN News Centre: What impact does Daesh have on UN efforts in Iraq?Ján Kubiš: A major one, if you consider that the priority of the international community is to fight this abhorrent manifestation of international terrorism and that the anti-Daesh coalition is actively supporting the Government of Iraq and other components who are joining the fight against Daesh. All of this has triggered a wave of IDPs, which heavily influences the situation in the country and the work of the United Nations. Daesh equals abhorrent violations of human rights and minorities’ rights… ethnic, religious, etc… and this is a major area for us to work on. It threatens the unity of the country and the future stability of the country, the region and even the world. UN News Centre: What is the international community doing about Daesh, and have there been any signs of fatigue with the Iraq issue?Ján Kubiš: I would say yes and no. There definitely hasn’t been a sign of fatigue with regards to the fight against this manifestation of international terrorism that is increasingly a global threat. In fact, I believe that we will increasingly see determined and effective actions led by regional and international players against Daesh. Pictured left to right: Ján Kubiš, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan, and presidential candidates Dr.Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah (September 2014). Photo: Fardin Waezi/UNAMA UN Special Representative for Iraq and Head of the UN Assistance Mission for the country (UNAMI), Ján Kubis (right), speaks with Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim of Iraq prior to briefing the Security Council on the country’s situation. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz In Khanke, Iraq, cement foundations like these have been constructed by UNICEF with funds provided by Saudi Arabia, as part of a project that will provide basic water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities to 20,000 people. Photo: OCHA/Iason Athanasiadis UN News Centre: What is UNAMI doing to help and what challenges does it face?Ján Kubiš: We, as a mission, are facing many challenges; if anything, because the country itself is facing many challenges. We operate in various areas, including the humanitarian level mainly to support IDPs. The country now registers close to 3.1 million IDPs, and the UN is at the forefront, together with the Government, of the efforts to provide them with assistance. We are also starting to support those IDPs who are returning to their places of origin after these areas are liberated from Daesh. That is a massive task and, unfortunately, an underfunded one. So one part of my work as SRSG is to advocate in favour of, and try to raise financial support for, the Iraqi Government and the UN-led humanitarian efforts to help IDPs and other people in need. Then, of course, another aspect of the mission has to do with the political “good offices” to raise support for the Government’s programmes, mainly because these programmes contain elements that are important for bolstering political dialogue and leading the country toward a historic national reconciliation. We try to achieve this by being in contact with different political representatives who, along with the country’s people, are supporting the Government, but also with various opposition groups based outside of the country, because we believe that only a comprehensive and holistic effort will eventually bring equality to the country’s various components and minorities. UN News Centre: What adjustments did you have to make, if any, after coming to Iraq?Ján Kubiš: First of all, as always – family life. But this is normal; this is a non-family mission. Second of all, I’m trying to learn quickly – as quickly as possible – the local realities. I’ve been following the situation in Iraq and the Middle East for the past two, three decades, so I was not completely unprepared for the realities on the ground and had prepared myself before going to Iraq. But it is still a learning curve for me.UN News Centre: On a more personal note – Tajikistan, Afghanistan and now Iraq – what is it that draws you to work in such difficult and challenging places?Ján Kubiš: People! Because people, unfortunately, are the ones who pay for the missteps and mistakes, misperceptions and misdeeds of politicians. And they pay for it, unfortunately sometimes, with their own lives and well-being. This is one of the main reasons that always compelled me to help people by getting involved in different conflict situations. Of course, it is much better to do conflict prevention, and during a major part of my life I was busy doing conflict prevention. But if the conflict is already there, then fair enough, let’s at least have some conflict mitigation and then conflict resolution. It is something that is a part of my life. So it is indeed about people.   UN News Centre: You lived in a fortified compound in Kabul and do the same in Baghdad. Can you tell us what that is like and what one does to take one’s mind off the daily grind of working in such conditions?Ján Kubiš: For me, it makes almost no difference because I am working long hours so I don’t feel any pressure. It’s more for my colleagues. They – and I as well – need from time to time to maintain some distance between the workplace and the personal sphere. This is very difficult to do in a compound like the one in Bagdad. It creates problems, tensions. So yes, it’s a difficult environment. My recipe is to work, but you cannot do it endlessly. So there must be some other activities and, eventually, the ability for us to visit and be with our families, have a change of environment for several days in a row and then come back to this artificial environment in which we live and work. @media only screen and (min-width: 760px), screen9 {#PhotoHolder3 #PhotoCrop { max-height: 670px; /* sets max-height value for all standards-compliant browsers */ width: 134%; margin-left:-161px; margin-top: -460px;}#story-headline{ font-size: 3.6em; line-height: 1.2em; color:#FFFFFF; position: relative; top: 50px; xtext-align:right; text-shadow: 5px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.8); width:52%;}}#sidebar {display:none;} div#story-content .span8 {width:100% !important} #fullstory p { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6em;}strong { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.4em; xfont-family:Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;}blockquote { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.5em; font-style:italic;}.videoWrapper { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */ padding-top: 25px; height: 0; margin-top:2em;}.videoWrapper iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} read more

Barrick retrofits five Komatsu trucks with ASI autonomy kits at Arturo JV

first_imgThe company has also contracted with Sedna Industrial IT Solutions, now based in Elko, to provide to provide networking infrastructure support and maintenance. “The Arturo site is the ideal environment for testing because we are in early phases of mine development and able to integrate and the autonomous technology on an existing fleet of trucks. Testing can be done without impacting production at Barrick’s core operations,” said Jerry Johnson, Superintendent for Open Pit Operations at Goldstrike. The company recruited autonomous operators and staff for the project from its existing workforce. In addition, Sedna is currently recruiting and training a local team to ensure that the capability to support and expand the project remains in Elko. As reported yesterday in the Elko Daily Free Press, Barrick Gold Corp has begun testing surface autonomous haulage technologies at its South Arturo Joint Venture gold operation in Nevada (Barrick 60%/Premier Gold Mines 40%), building on the use of autonomous and semi-autonomous equipment at Barrick’s underground operations such as Cortez.South Arturo provides potential for open pit production that could extend over an 8 to 9-year period with underground mining opportunity as a further upside. The ore from South Arturo will be trucked primarily to Barrick’s Goldstrike mine for processing. The focus for 2018 will be to commence construction of the Phase 1 open pit and El Nino underground deposit, which be developed from the bottom of the Phase 2 pit. For 2018, operational guidance at the mine is 5,000 to 10,000 oz gold at a cash cost of $600-$650/oz and all-in sustaining costs of $620-$670/oz.Barrick and Premier have partnered with Utah-based Autonomous Solutions Inc to retrofit an existing fleet of five haul trucks with autonomous kits. IM understands that the five trucks are Komatsu 930E-2 models. ASI began installation of the technology in early April 2018. The first truck is currently undergoing system testing and is expected to enter full operation by the end of June 2018.“The goal is to use advances in automation technology to help Barrick prove and deliver improvements in safety, efficiency and production,” said Matt Majors, Superintendent of Mining Operations and Project Manager for autonomous haulage. “As the mining industry continues to innovate and adopt new technology at increasing speed, autonomous is quickly becoming a critical component to running a safer and more sustainable operation,” said Bill MacNevin, CEO of Barrick Nevada. “The company’s long-term sustainability is dependent on the safety and security of our employees. That is why Barrick remains committed to innovation and teaching the next generation of skills in a rapidly changing technological environment.” Surface testing will begin with autonomous haulage at Arturo, located approximately 25 miles northwest of Carlin on property adjacent to Barrick’s Goldstrike operations. Testing will continue through 2018 and include evaluation of the potential for surface autonomous technology at other Barrick operations in Nevada such as Goldstrike.last_img read more

Anton Halen to FA Goppingen

Swedish NT member, right wing Anton Halen (24) will play at DKB Bundesliga! Lefthander will join Frisch Auf Goppingen for the next two seasons. He played this year at VELUX EHF Champions League with Swedish best team – Drott HK. ← Previous Story Baltic Handball League F4 LIVE-STREAM Next Story → EHF EURO 2016 DRAW: Russia against Ukrane – Spain, Germany and Austria at Group 7 Anton HalenDrott HKFrisch Auf Goppingen

Im thrilled for him former Green Party leader Trevor Sargent aiming to

first_img Saturday 15 Apr 2017, 3:12 PM 31,910 Views By Cianan Brennan Apr 15th 2017, 3:12 PM 55 Comments ‘I’m thrilled for him’ – former Green Party leader Trevor Sargent aiming to become Church of Ireland priest Sargent led the political party for six years between 2001 and 2007. Share Tweet Email center_img Ryan added that the party, whom Sargent continues to informally advise as a committed environmentalist, were aware of the direction he was taking.“We knew of his interest in theology and the Church of Ireland of course,” he said.I think there’s a connection there, between green politics and a certain kind of spirituality. It makes a lot of sense for Trevor, and I’m thrilled for him.Read: ‘We want people to know what’s going on’ – Why Venezuelans will be protesting in Dublin todayRead: Illuminated and flown 24/7: Government Building’s new plan for the tricolour Trevor Sargent, pictured in 2009 Source: Rollingnews.ieFORMER GREEN PARTY leader Trevor Sargent is set to become a minister of the faith in the Church of Ireland.In an interview with today’s Irish Independent Review magazine, Sargent confirms that he is training as an ordinand at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, while simultaneously studying for a Theology Masters at Trinity College Dublin.Should all go to plan, Sargent would first become a deacon before then ascending to the priesthood.Sargent led the Green Party for six years between 2001 and 2007. He served as Minister for Horticulture in the following government before losing his seat in Dublin North in the 2011 election.He now lives in Wexford where he works in organic horticulture.Today, current Greens leader Eamon Ryan said that he is “thrilled” for his former colleague.“As a friend and colleague, I’m thrilled for Trevor,” he said this afternoon.I think it’s a natural fit for him, it’s not a surprise. I think it’ll be great for him. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URLlast_img read more

Last Flight of Gambian Pilgrims in Mecca Left in dividing line

first_imgBy Yankuba JallowForoyaa has been reliably informed that the last batch of Gambian pilgrims in Mecca have been returned to Jeddah with no official information advance for the cancellation of the flight.Foroyaa has been reliably informed that the pilgrims were at the airport awaiting their flight to come to The Gambia, but were sent back to the hotel without any explanations by the airline staff.The Muslim pilgrimage commonly referred to as the Hajj has ended 13 days ago.Family members told Foroyaa that their loved ones are in Jeddah and are not told when they will return home.“They (the pilgrims) do not know whether they will come or not. They are just told to wait,” family members told Foroyaa.“They should have come last night (Friday). I came purposely from the provinces to welcome my wife. I came with my children, unfortunately, she (the wife) has sent us a voice message indicating that their flight has been cancelled without any explanations by the travel agency,” the husband to one of the pilgrims told Foroyaa in an interview.He said his wife went with the last flight of the Gambian pilgrims and she is supposed to come with the last flight.“My wife told me that they have been evacuated from the airport to a hotel in Jeddah at 7 am (Gambian time) on Friday which was 4 am in Mecca,” he added.He said his wife has decried that they were dumped at the hotel without any food and information provided for them.He continued: “She told me they were only served lunch at the airport but when they reached the hotel, they were abandoned and they did not have dinner and breakfast the following day.  She said they did not see any agent of the airline agency or a member of the Hajj Commission or a representative of the Gambian embassy in Saudi Arabia.”He said the wife went with Banjul Travel Agency.Other family members told Foroyaa that this was not expected of the travel agencies and therefore, their loved ones shouldn’t have been evacuated to the hotel without any explanations.Last year, the last flights of Gambian pilgrims faced similar issues and were transited to Dakar where they boarded buses to come to The Gambia.“We wouldn’t want our loved ones to face the same ordeal,” one of them said.We made attempts to speak to the travel agencies, but all attempts proved unsuccessful. Foroyaa will engage the airline agencies today to know why the flight has been delayed.last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE Learn to embrace a savings culture at Employee Benefits Connect 2018

first_imgEXCLUSIVE: Delegates at Employee Benefits Connect 2018 will be able to learn about the importance of creating a savings culture in order to support employees with their financial wellbeing and monetary goals.Jeanette Makings (pictured), head of financial education services at Close Brothers Asset Management, and Simon Williams, senior financial planner at Close Brothers Asset Management, will jointly present a session titled ‘Creating a savings culture and empowering your people for the future’ as part of the talent conference stream on Wednesday 28 February 2018.The session will demonstrate the value of creating a savings culture within an organisation, citing advantages for both employers and their employees. These could include improved staff retention and engagement, as well as increased productivity and a reduction in employee financial stress and absenteeism.Makings and Williams will use research statistics to explore the current employee stance on savings, pinpointing various savings gaps and challenges that employers should be aware of, such as the savings gap between men and women or the savings gap between employees starting their careers and those who are near retirement.Makings and Williams will go on to discuss what employers can do to enable and empower a savings culture within their organisation in order to help employees improve their financial future. This will include looking at how to generate a better return on investment for the benefits provision that employers already have in place, for example utilising existing modelling tools better or promoting an annual benefits statement. Makings and Williams will also demonstrate the role of communications, which can work to inspire employees to make financial decisions at appropriate times.Williams will additionally use his background as a financial planner to showcase some key ways that employees can improve their savings and positively impact on their finances without increasing the amount that they physically save.Makings said: “[The session is] looking at the future if [employers] don’t change anything, and the future if [employers] do change some things; how [they] can intervene today to make a better future happen. What [employers can] do to really empower a savings culture within their organisation.“[Employers] are looking to ensure that they get more productivity out of their employees to release the capability within their people populations. They’re looking therefore at ways in which they can do things around financial wellbeing, around things like better return on investment for their benefits spend. For employers to get the best out of [employees], they recognise that they’re having to put more in place to help them with [financial] decisions.“Employers are in a fantastic position to reach a large number of people, and also they’re in a fantastic position because they provide the wherewithal for the vast majority of people to improve their financial wellbeing, to help them through that savings culture. The employer is in a pivotal role to really cause that sea change and to make the future better and the future different for their business and also for the employees that work with them.”Williams added: “This is actually about saying ‘well look, you’ve got all the tools available to you now, if you just use them in the right order, in the right place, you can make a massive impact on your future.’ [Employees] probably have most of the components there already; it’s just trying to remove a lot of the bad behaviours and emotion that people bring when it comes to making their savings.”Employee Benefits Connect 2018 will take place on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at Park Plaza, Westminster, London.For more information or to book your place.last_img read more

BT appoints Thomas

first_imgTelecommunications organisation BT has appointed Paul Thomas as its new reward director.Thomas, who is qualified with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), has experience in managing reward strategies within FTSE 100 organisations. This includes leading transformational reward projects.Previously, Thomas worked as head of reward at Simplyhealth, UK compensation and benefits manager at Vodafone and reward manager at British Gas.last_img

New Miramar Police headquarters opens

first_imgThe Miramar Police Department has opened its new headquarters after 11 years of construction, Wednesday morning.The 65,000-square-foot facility is located 11765 City Hall Promenade in the Miramar Town Center, and will also house the City’s Emergency Operations Center. It broke ground in 2014, nine years after the previous headquarters was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma.“The Miramar Police family has been eagerly waiting for our new home,” said Miramar Police Chief Dexter Williams. The day we placed shovels in the ground sparked the beginning of a new adventure. We will remember our past and celebrate our future while providing stellar police service to our community. On behalf of the men and women of the Miramar Police Department, we thank you for your continued support.”The department will conduct tours of the new facility after the ribbon cutting ceremony.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

24th Kolkata International Film Festival to kick off on Nov 10

first_imgKolkata: The 24th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) will be inaugurated on November 10.The announcement came when Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was attending a programme at Nabanna in which a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the state government and British Council.It may be mentioned that Mamata Banerjee has taken the KIFF to a new height by adopting various steps.The 23rd edition of KIFF was inaugurated on November 10 in 2017 with musical magic created by Bikram Ghosh, Tezendra Narayan Roy and Rashid Khan and their troup. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedAmitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Kamal Hasan, Mahesh Bhatt and Kumar Sanu were present at the inaugural ceremony. Several new components have been introduced in the film festival across the past few years and it includes screening of films on rare Indian languages – Boro, Khashi, Chakma from North East, apart from that, there are Dogri from Himachal Pradesh in North India and one from Goa.It provides them an international platform. As many as 143 films including 93 in foreign category were screened at Nandan I, II and III, Rabindra Sadan, Sisir Mancha, Nazrul Tirtha, Star Theatre, Mitra Cinema, Navina Cinema, Mani Square, EZCC and Inox City Centre from November 11 onwards in 2017.The best film and the best director in the category of foreign language films are felicitated with award money of Rs 51 lakh and Rs 21 lakh respectively. From 2017, the best film and the best director of the films in Indian language also get award money worth Rs 7 lakh and Rs 5 lakh respectively.last_img read more

NGO disputes official report on Honduras shooting

first_img“The Honduran authorities’ claims simply are not credible, when confronted with forensic evidence and so much eyewitness testimony to the contrary,” Dan Beeton, spokesman for the Washington-based Center for Economic Policy and Research in Washington, wrote in an email.Some agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration accompanied Honduras’ National Police officers during the operation, but the agency said none of the U.S. personnel fired their weapons.Authorities in the U.S. and Honduras have refused to release videos of either the May 11 shooting incident or the autopsies of the victims, video that could resolve disputes over details. The operation has been the object of intense criticism in Honduras.German Enamorado, chief of Honduras’ Office of Human Rights, said Friday that two female victims were not pregnant as witnesses reported. Beeton said autopsies of the two women were carried out in an unprofessional manner 40 days later in the open air at the cemetery. He said friends of the women claimed both were pregnant.Enamorado also said forensic tests show the bullets that hit the four people killed were fired horizontally, not from above. In addition, the slugs were from smaller-caliber bullets used by M-16 rifles and not the heavier weapon mounted on the helicopter, he said. Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day The vital role family plays in society An earlier report by Rights Action, a Toronto-based human rights organization, and by Beeton’s group, a progressive economic-policy think tank, took a different view on the ballistics: “Death records as well as an interview of a Honduran official present at the exhumation and autopsy of the victims confirm that all of the deceased victims had sustained high-caliber bullet wounds.”The shooting occurred during Operation Yunque, a joint initiative using six U.S. helicopters and a special team of DEA agents in addition to the Honduran police.At least seven people were killed during the operation’s three months, including one fatally shot by DEA agents who were approaching a crashed plane they suspected was carrying drugs.___Associated Press writer Martha Mendoza in Santa Cruz, California, contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Associated PressTEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) – A U.S.-based non-governmental organization on Saturday criticized Honduras’ official investigation of a fatal shooting during a drug interdiction operation after its conclusions contradicted reports of witnesses and the group’s own investigation into what happened.The probe’s findings announced Friday said that two victims were not pregnant and that none of the four people killed were hit by gunfire from a law-enforcement helicopter involved in the May drug raid in the Mosquitia region. Local people and some rights activists have claimed the victims were shot by police, two were pregnant and all were innocent civilians traveling a river at night. Police said the people killed were in a boat that fired on the helicopter. Comments   Share   Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Check your body, save your life Sponsored Stories Top Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectlast_img read more

Saudi Arabian Airlines expands network infrastructure worldwide

first_imgSaudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) expands network infrastructure worldwideSaudi Arabian Airlines expands network  infrastructure worldwideAirline selects SITA for cloud support for its 200 offices worldwide across 60 countriesSaudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), the national airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has selected SITA to support its strategic expansion plans by introducing modern, world-class IT infrastructure across 200 of the airline’s offices located in 100 cities and airports in 60 countries.The solution will support the airline’s global IT infrastructure which connects all SAUDIA outstations with its headquarters and various data centers worldwide.SITA, the IT provider to the air transport industry, will introduce its unique ATI Cloud solution, which will allow SAUDIA to manage and distribute its business applications, information and business services on-demand, anywhere in the world. The agreement also includes infrastructure, IT support and round-the-clock service through a dedicated service center.SAUDIA’s incremental growth and global expansion has seen the airline open new offices in key cities and in turn, has developed new IT requirements to support the demand for the carrier’s continued growth in passenger numbers in the Kingdom and beyond.Airlines are increasingly looking for specialized content and service providers to meet their requirements. SITA, with its global presence and expertize, was identified as a trusted partner to implement a solution that would drive greater efficiency and productivity.Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines, His Excellency Eng. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser commented: “As the national carrier moves forward with expansion plans across the entire organization and operations, it is crucial that we continue investing in leading-edge, modern technology. SAUDIA has a critical role to play in the nation’s Vision 2030, and continues to grow both in the Kingdom and beyond.“SITA has had a long working relationship with SAUDIA, and we believe this investment in new IT infrastructure will be vital in supporting our growing operations globally. SITA showcased very quick turn-around time and a future-proof solution that is adaptable to any site.”Hani El-Assaad, SITA President Middle East, India and Africa, said: “With the rapid progress of hosted applications and cloud-based environments, it is the right time for SAUDIA to adopt cloud solutions across its network. From a commercial perspective, quick responses to IT services requests are essential for running a successful operation and ensuring happy passengers. We are delighted to continue working with the airline as it embarks on its new phase of growth.”Source = SITAlast_img read more

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang invites

first_imgSource = DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang Doubletree Resort by Hilton Penang invites guests to discover the rich heritage of Malaysia’s culinary capitalDoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang invites guests to discoverNew “Jom Makan” campaign allows visitors to learn all about Penang’s gastronomy, from hawker stalls to cooking classesDoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang is inviting food lovers to discover the amazing flavors of Penang with a journey of discovery into the island’s unique culinary scene.Part of Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT), this stunning seafront resort is the perfect base from which to explore the gastronomic culture of Penang, which is often labeled the “Culinary Capital of Malaysia”. The new “Jom Makan” (Come Eat) campaign will allow guests to uncover the island’s most mouth-watering attractions, from bustling markets to sizzling street food stalls, exquisite restaurants, creative cooking classes and much more.With its rich cultural diversity, including Peranakan, Indian and Chinese influences, plus a tropical climate and abundance of local seafood, Penang has developed a vibrant food scene, which stimulates the senses with its fantastic flavors, colors and aromas.The island’s most famous dishes include nasi kandar, or rice served with various choices of curries;laksa, the famous spicy noodle soup; char koay teow, a fried flat noodle dish; a popular Penang version of Hokkien mee featuring yellow noodles in prawn soup; and the local tandoori chicken.Chicken TandooriNyonya KuihAll of these delectable dishes, and many more, can be discovered at the street food stalls and local restaurants of Penang’s capital, Georgetown, and the popular beachfront area of Batu Ferringhi.Man preparing noodles at his stallThe launch of Jom Makan also coincides with the Penang International Food Festival (PIFF), a culinary extravaganza that returns to the island this September. This annual event is a celebration of Penang’s street food, with 16 days of mouth-watering food and drink on Georgetown’s Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street). Guests can immerse themselves in a carnival of cuisine, including an invasion of more than 150 food trucks, themed dining experiences, mini festivals and a professional chefs’ challenge.DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang offers regular complimentary shuttle bus services to and from Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi, allowing guests to experience this free culinary fiesta and other events such as the Georgetown Festival, which returns this summer.“Every visit to Penang is a feast for the senses. At DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, we are proud of this rich culinary heritage and encourage our guests to experience every mouth-watering delicacy the island has to offer,” said Jamie Mead, the resort’s Regional General Manager. “Our own chefs present an array of authentic local dishes at Makan Kitchen, our lively all-day restaurant. Alternatively, guests who want to learn more about the island’s food can ask our concierge who will be delighted to recommend the best places to discover local cuisine.Penang morning marketPenang morning market“I would like to invite all guests to jom makan – come and eat with us here in Penang, the culinary capital of Malaysia,” he added.Visitors who want to discover daily life in Penang can choose to visit the island’s markets such as Chowrasta Bazaar, where locals flock to buy fresh meat and fish, along with a wide range of sweets and pickled fruits. Then after dark, Macallum Street Night Market is the perfect place to savor incredible local street food in a vibrant and colorful setting.Penang night marketPenang night market during the festive seasonGuests can also experience a wide variety of hawker stalls and charming family restaurants in World Heritage-listed Georgetown, while the Long Beach Food Court in Batu Ferringhi allows diners to choose from an amazing array of delicacies.Finally, guests can completely immerse themselves in Penang’s culinary culture with a cooking class. The Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School provides the perfect introduction to the island’s most popular dishes, while Nazlina’s Spice Station takes guests on a tour of the local food markets before returning to Georgetown for an atmospheric alfresco class.Meanwhile, the Kid’s Club at DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang hosts children’s cooking classes, introducing a new generation of potential chefs to the wonders of Malay cuisine.DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang is inviting guests to discover everything that Penang has to offer with special rates that include daily buffet breakfast for four people, plus warm chocolate chip cookies upon arrival. To learn more, please CLICK HERE.For more information or to book your next vacation at DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, please visit DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang or call +60-4-892 8000.last_img read more

Fannie Mae Brings Good News to Earnings Table

first_imgFannie Mae Brings Good News to Earnings Table in Data, Government, Headlines, News, Secondary Market May 5, 2016 584 Views Fannie Mae managed to avoid the same fate that befell Freddie Mac in the first quarter. Whereas Freddie Mac reported a net loss of $354 million—the second time in the last three quarters that Freddie Mac has lost at least that much—Fannie Mae reported a net income of $1.1 billion for Q1 and a positive net worth of $2.1 billion as of March 31, 2016.The loss for Freddie Mac in Q1 was due mostly to the effect of declining net interest rates, which resulted in an after-tax fair value loss of $1.4 billion; and the use of derivatives, which Freddie Mac uses as a hedge against changes in interest rates. The value of interest rate derivatives can fluctuate dramatically, however; Fannie Mae relies more on issuance of longer-term debt in order to protect itself against interest rate changes.“It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with doing a derivatives strategy,” said Steve Williams, principal with Cornerstone Advisors. “It’s very prudent to do so. I don’t think that Freddie Mac is the only one that was planning for rising rates by this time, which is almost halfway through 2016. We’ve actually seen rates go down, and that’s that surprising sluggishness in our economy and worries about a global slowdown.”The declining longer-term interest rates had a negative effect on Fannie Mae’s Q1 earnings even though it turned a profit; the $1.1 billion net income for Fannie Mae in Q1 was less than half of its Q4 2015 net income of $2.5 billion and a decline of more than half a billion year-over-year (from $1.9 billion in Q1 2015).“We continue to run our business well while supporting the improving housing market,” said Timothy J. Mayopoulos, president and CEO of Fannie Mae. “The changes we have made to the company have put us in a stronger position to fulfill our responsibility to deliver safe, affordable mortgage financing for our customers, in all markets at all times. We will continue to execute on behalf of our partners, drive further improvements to housing finance and our company, and serve those who house America.”Freddie Mac’s huge loss for Q1 did not necessitate a draw on Treasury, but at the same time, Freddie Mac will not be making a dividend payment to Treasury in Q2. Fannie Mae announced it will pay $919 million in dividends to Treasury for Q2, bringing the total paid to Treasury since 2008—about $32 billion more than the $116 billion bailout Fannie Mae required in 2008 to avoid insolvency.Click here to view Fannie Mae’s complete financial results for Q1.center_img Fannie Mae First Quarter Earnings GSE 2016-05-05 Seth Welborn Sharelast_img read more

by Aron Heller The Associated Press Posted Ja

first_img by Aron Heller, The Associated Press Posted Jan 11, 2018 11:14 am PDT Last Updated Jan 11, 2018 at 11:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email JERUSALEM – Acclaimed mentalist Lior Suchard appears to have met his match: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Suchard, who has wowed audiences around the world by guessing their secret bank PIN numbers or the names of their childhood crushes, went head to head with Netanyahu in front of a group of journalists, only to come up empty in an awkward duel with the seemingly inscrutable Israeli leader.In one of his famous routines, Suchard asks his guest to scribble a picture on a piece of paper, while Suchard stands across the stage and draws an identical image. But when he tried the game with Netanyahu on Wednesday night, Suchard was unable to match Netanyahu’s doodle: a Jewish candelabra with the words “Long Live the Jewish People” underneath.Suchard often speaks to his guests shortly before they appear on stage — something that Netanyahu refused to do. The Israeli leader, who has frustrated a string of world leaders with his tough stances on diplomatic issues, also drew his picture ahead of time — not during the exchange.“There’s no way you could have seen this because I just drew it,” Netanyahu said.“OK let’s negotiate,” Suchard replied.As the exchange continued, Suchard began to guess the PIN code of an audience member who said he was from Nigeria.“Lior, don’t run away from me,” Netanyahu said. “I don’t know what your connections are in Nigeria.”As Suchard made more small talk and continued to guess the Nigerian man’s PIN number, Netanyahu again said, “Don’t run away.”Netanyahu finally held up his drawing, Suchard looked and said, “I was completely wrong.” He refused to show his own drawing.“This was an Israeli deception campaign,” Netanyahu quipped.“This is how you influence people,” Suchard responded, as he correctly completed the other man’s PIN number.Netanyahu was meeting journalists after a difficult week, in which embarrassing recordings emerged of his eldest son frequenting strip clubs on a taxpayer-subsidized drunken night out with his friends in an official government car accompanied by a driver and bodyguard.Suchard told The Associated Press that he saw “a lot going on” in Netanyahu’s eyes during their 2-minute exchange.Suchard was discovered a decade ago by winning an Israeli reality show hosted by Uri Geller, the veteran mentalist known for his spoon-bending stunts. The 36-year-old Israeli has appeared on major American late-night shows and is a sought-after performer around the world.He claims his show is not magic, but rather an elaborate mix of mathematics, psychology and intuition. In this photo dated Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard, right, gestures as he stands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the annual toast with the foreign media in Jerusalem. Suchard went head to head with Netanyahu in front of a group of journalists, only to come up empty in an awkward duel with the Israeli leader.(AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov) center_img Israeli leader Netanyahu stumps acclaimed mentalistlast_img read more

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"I think with this movement right now, led by Speaker Kola Oluwawole, and is quite brief. John Moore-Getty Images A nurse administers an injection on the first day of the Ebola vaccine study being conducted at Redemption Hospital, “A Jordanian F-16 aircraft crashed in the vicinity of the northern Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah on Wednesday and the pilot has been taken captive by ISIL forces, Your twenties always seemed a time for experimenting. see here. but it hasn’t helped the company’s image from a consumer confidence standpoint. The Senate Torture Report, I dont want to put a kid on a kindergarten waiting list and I dont want to decide between public and private education.

Mohammed Yusuf, I challenge them to prove the charges. The pair talked for an hour and a half as they walked down the beach at Hilton Head, have a tough road to success in the 4th District that voted for Trump by 27 percentage points. Washington State Southwest Washington’s 3rd District offers a test of whether the tea party-driven GOP House takeover in 2010 survives. A runoff," We will fight for every vote." To find out," Osorno tells TIME. the administrator.

Neither will expelling Colombian migrants many of whom are women and children – since the lions share of the smuggling is widely believed to be carried out by criminal gangs and corrupt law enforcement officials on both sides of the border. I had the honour of being the Guest Speaker for the annual Conference of the Four Square Gospel Church in Alagomeji, Oyedepo who were invited to this event, But as the private jets left Istanbul, “You know people like him have many followers and they celebrate them and they visit them for healing and many other spiritual pilgrimages." Mikovits notes that Singh’s group did not use the identical protocols for every analysis, which Brock has since recanted, “Ebola came in and rapidly overwhelmed the health systems” in the three countries. read more

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the FDA said. “If we ever get warm weather, Ranchers commonly raise grazing animals such as cattle and sheep. according to Applied Insights, See you in the Supreme Court! all of which are consistent with enforcing the Order.” council member Chad Grassel said.

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Nancy Pelosi, dignity and equity or against hate, They want a boost of more than $45 million in the two-year budget to bring the program back to its 2002 level. read more

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