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CoucheTard signs asset swap deal in US with Cross America Partners LP

first_imgMONTREAL — Alimentation Couche-Tard and CrossAmerica Partners LP have signed a deal to swap convenience and gas station assets in the U.S.Under the agreement, Couche-Tard has agreed to sell 192 U.S convenience and fuel retail stores to CrossAmerica, with an aggregate value of about US$184.5 million.Meanwhile, CrossAmerica has agreed to sell Couche-Tard assets valued at US$184.5 million, including the real estate property for 56 U.S. company-operated convenience and fuel retail stores leased and operated by Couche-Tard and 17 stores owned and operated by CrossAmerica in the U.S. Upper Midwest.Couche-Tard says the deal is expected to take place through a series of transactions over a period of up to 24 months.The closing of each transaction is subject to customary closing conditions.Couche-Tard’s wholly owned subsidiary CrossAmerica GP is the general partner for CrossAmerica Partners LP.“We believe this transaction will be beneficial to both parties,” Couche-Tard chief executive Brian Hannasch said in a statement.“The transfer of Couche-Tard’s retail stores to CrossAmerica will help optimize the long-term value of these assets, further strengthens Couche-Tard’s core retail business and is a win-win for both sets of stakeholders.” The Canadian Press Companies in this story: (TSX:ATD.B)last_img read more

Brock mourns death of former board member

Brock University is mourning the death of a former member of the University’s board of governors.Dr. Lillian Clark served on the board from 1990-1996. The MD, who grew up in Niagara, died Sunday. She was 94.Clark specialized in pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and later obtained her fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada.In 1944, she joined the Royal Canadian Navy and was posted to Canada’s East Coast where he met her future husband and fellow doctor, John Clark.Throughout her career, Clark served on several local medical committees while practising pediatrics in Niagara Falls until 1993.She was also involved with local community organizations.A service of remembrance will happen Thursday, Aug. 29 at 2 p.m. at Drummond Hill Presbyterian Church. Condolences may be shared online. read more

UN official voices dismay at latest deadly Israeli fire against Palestinian refugee

“I am deeply dismayed and saddened by the loss of life in the refugee camp and the serious damage caused to UNRWA and Palestinian Authority schools,” said Mr. Hansen, the Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. “This is another case of disproportionate force being used against civilian targets, including schools full of children.”According to UNRWA, Israeli tanks directed heavy fire at shelters in the Rafah refugee camp in a clash with Palestinians protesting the erection of a new Israeli military watchtower. Among the seven Palestinians who were killed, there were two children and two women who died as some of the shelters collapsed under the impact of tank shells, the Agency said. A further 27 Palestinians were reported injured, some critically.In addition, heavy machine gun fire from tanks hit a UNRWA school and a Palestinian Authority school. Children in the UNRWA school had to be moved to the basement for safety. Later, a tank shell hit UNRWA’s Rafah Preparatory Boys School and heavily damaged its laboratory. A tank shell also hit a Palestinian Authority school, but did not explode. No injuries were caused by the shelling as by that time the children had been sent home, the Agency said. read more

El Niño drives concentration of CO2 in atmosphere to new high –

“The year 2015 ushered in a new era of optimism and climate action with the Paris climate change agreement. But it will also make history as marking a new era of climate change reality with record high greenhouse gas concentrations,” said World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Secretary-General Petteri Taalas. Mr. Taalas says that ‘without tackling carbon dioxide emissions, we cannot tackle climate change and keep temperature increases to below 2 degrees Celcius above the pre-industrial era. “It is therefore of the utmost importance that the Paris Agreement does indeed enter into force well ahead of schedule on 4 November and that we fast-track its implementation,” he added. The weather agency had warned earlier this year that the Earth is already one degree Celsius hotter than at the start of the 20th century, halfway to the critical two-degree threshold, and national climate change plans adopted so far may not be enough to avoid a three-degree temperature rise.CO2 levels had previously reached the 400 parts per million barrier for certain months of the year and in certain locations but never before on a global average basis for the entire year. The growth spurt in carbon dioxide was fuelled by the El Niño event, which started in 2015 and had a strong impact well into 2016. This triggered droughts in tropical regions and reduced the capacity of “sinks” like forests, vegetation and the oceans to absorb CO2. These sinks currently absorb about half of CO2 emissions but there is a risk that they may become saturated, which would increase the fraction of emitted carbon dioxide which stays in the atmosphere, according to the Greenhouse Gas Bulletin.Between 1990 and 2015 there was a 37 per cent increase in radiative forcing – the warming effect on our climate – because of long-lived greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide (N2O) from industrial, agricultural and domestic activities.“The 400 parts per million threshold is of great symbolic importance,” said the previous WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud in 2014. “It should serve as yet another wakeup call about the constantly rising levels of greenhouse gases which are driving climate change and acidifying our oceans,” he said. For thousands of year’s carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere, trapping heat and causing the earth to warm further. The lifespan of carbon dioxide in the oceans is even longer. It is also the single most important greenhouse gas emitted by human activities. According to the WMO it is responsible for 85 per cent of the warming effect on our climate over the past decade. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (second from left) in discussion with Petteri Talaas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas.”> Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (second from left) in discussion with Petteri Talaas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas. Post-Paris climate action“The recent agreement in Kigali to amend the so-called Montreal Protocol and phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in air conditioners and refrigerators, which act as strong greenhouse gases, is good news. WMO salutes the commitment of the international community to meaningful climate action,” said Mr Taalas.The landmark deal to reduce the emissions of potent chemicals, signed by nearly 200 countries, was hailed by The UN Environment Programme as the single largest contribution the world has made towards keeping the global temperature rise “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.The deal to curb HFCs comes amid a flurry of climate-related action, as a couple of weeks ago, two key events occurred: Member States of the UN civil aviation agency, known as ICAO, agreed on a new standard to control global greenhouse gas emissions from international airline flights; and the Paris Agreement on climate change cleared the final threshold of 55 countries representing 55 per cent of global emissions required for the accord to enter into effect, now set for early November. read more

The 5 at 5 Wednesday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #SMITHWICK: The solicitor for the family of murdered RUC officer Pat Breen has accused Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams of attempting to “legitimise the murder” of two RUC officers. Adams said they had a “laissez faire” attitude shown towards their security.2. #NAMA: The National Asset  Management Agency has met its “first major milestone” of redeeming €7.5 billion senior bonds before the end of 2013. It redeemed €500 million of these bonds today.3. #JOBS: Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that 150 jobs are to go at its Newbridge manufacturing plant. The company will seek the redundancies in 2014.4. #PHOENIX PARK: A 17-year-old girl who was being questioned in connection with the murder of Gerard Donnelly in the Phoenix Park last week has been released from custody.5. #COURTS: TV chef Nigella Lawson has admitted to taking cocaine, but has denied having a drug problem or being addicted to the substance. She told the court that her ex-husband Charles Saatchi tried to “destroy her” by making false allegations about her use of the drug.last_img read more

Deaf interpreter at Mandelas memorial was a fake

first_imgTHE DEAF FEDERATION of South Africa has described the interpreter used during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service yesterday as a “fake”.In a statement issued today, the national director Bruno Druchen said the deaf community were outraged, confirming that the man who was shown on screens across the globe is not a recognised professional interpreter.“He is not known by the Deaf Community in South Africa nor by the South African Sign Language interpreters working in the field,” he said.The news first came to light through a deaf community site, The Limping Chicken, which said the man was signing in a way they were not familiar with.With his statement his morning, Druchen listed the mistakes the man made during the broadcast, including grammar errors and the lack of facial expressions.“In South African Sign Language, facial expressions are an important part of communication. The facial expressions you use while doing a sign will affect the meaning of that sign,” he explained.Handshapes used were meaningless, he added, before concluding: This ‘fake interpreter’ has made a mockery of South African Sign Language and has disgraced the South African Sign Language interpreting profession. The organisers of the memorial service, and indeed any event, should have contacted organisations who coordinate South African Sign Language interpreting services to secure a professional, trained experienced interpreter.Concerns about the sign language being used while presidents Jacob Zuma and Barack Obama delivered speeches were noted across social media sites during the memorial yesterday.South African parliament member Wilma Newhoudt, a member of the ruling party and deaf community, also confirmed that the man communicated nothing with his hand and arm movement.(YouTube: Andy Palmer)Read: Mandela’s body lying in state after solemn journey through PretoriaMore: South Africans honour “giant of history”, Madibalast_img read more

IMO tells members to vote Yes on Haddington Road deal reluctantly

first_imgTHE TRADE UNION representing Ireland’s doctors has recommended that its members vote to accept the Haddington Road public pay proposals.The council of the Irish Medical Organisation issued the recommendation after a non-unanimous vote this afternoon.The council had originally met to discuss the proposals two weeks ago, but had deferred a recommendation until it received clarifications on some aspects of the proposals.This evening the IMO’s director of industrial relations Steve Tweed said the Government’s commitment to enter talks on ensuring that highly-qualified doctors remained within the Irish system, instead of being lured abroad, was a key attraction.It said the proposals put on the table vindicated its decision to walk out of the original Croke Park 2 talks, as the proposals now up for consideration were a significant improvement upon the deal that followed the first round of negotiations.It expressed “deep concern”, however, that the proposal would continue a policy of reducing spending in the healthcare sector, which it claimed would “negatively impact on the ability of doctors to deliver best quality care to their patients”.The recommendation will be good news for the government, as the IMO had been one of the loudest voices in opposition to the failed Croke Park 2 deal, in spite of its relatively minor influence on the outcome of the final decision.Members will now be balloted on the proposals.Read: “This was a very difficult decision”: INMO accepts Haddington Road dealMore: Dáil vote means top earners set to take pay cut from Julylast_img read more

Intel launching budget Pentium Core i3 and Core i5 Haswell processors

first_imgIf you’re in the market for a new processor, want to pick up a Haswell part, but are purchasing on a strict budget, Intel is about to help you out. The chip giant is set to introduce 7seven new Haswell processors carrying more budget-friendly pricing.Cheaper chips means lower performance as you’d expect, but none of the new parts are going to struggle if used inside a day-to-day office PC.At the low end there’s three new dual-core Pentium processors carrying the names G3220, G3420, and G3430. Each has 3MB of on-board cache and HD Graphics as standard. The only difference comes from their clock speed, which are 3GHz, 3.2GHz, and 3.3GHz respectively. None of the chips have Turbo Boost or Hyper-Threading and all have a TDP of 54W. As for pricing, you can expect to pay around $70, $90, and $100, which matches the Ivy Bridge parts they replace.Moving on to the new dual-core Core i3 processors, we have the 4130, 4330, and 4340 parts. Again they are rated at 54W TDP, but unlike the Pentiums, include Hyper Threading. The 4130 includes 3MB of cache, a HD 4400 GPU, and runs at 3.4GHz. The 4330 and 4340 both have 4MB of cache and a HD 4600 GPU. The differentiator is that the 4330 runs at 3.5GHz where as the 4340 is clocked at 3.6GHz. Pricing for the three chips is around $137, $155, and $166 respectively.Finally we have the new quad-core Core i5-4440. For $197 you get a 3.1GHz processor with Turbo Boost taking that up to 3.3GHz. There’s 6MB of on-board cache and a HD 4600 GPU. The TDP for this chip increases to 84W, but there’s no Hyper Threading.None of the new processors are available yet, but the fact they have pricing suggests they will arrive soon and are already listed for pre-order at some online retailers.last_img read more

Drop in tourism arrivals contained

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Losses for Greek tourism are contained so far this year according to data regarding international arrivals at the country’s main airports released by the Association of Hellenic Tourism Enterprises (SETE). Arrivals posted a 3.1 per cent yearly decline in the year’s first eight months, dropping from 8,833,785 in the January-August 2011 period to 8,559,165 this year. However, with the exception of the country’s main and costliest airport, arrivals are showing a small rise from last year, with Athens International Airport experiencing a 13.6 per cent drop in the number of visitors to the country compared to 2011. Nevertheless, in August the yearly decline in arrivals amounted to just 1 per cent, as bookings from foreign markets increased pace following the election results in June and the formation of a stable government. Arrivals this August amounted to 2,226,201, down from 2,249,466 in 2011. Cephalonia airport reported an annual increase of 14 per cent last month, followed by Mykonos (13.7 per cent) and Hania (11.6 per cent), while Kavala saw arrivals shrink by 18.9 per cent, Samos by 13.3 per cent and Athens by 10 percent. The Russian market is proving the driving force behind the rebound of local tourism in the latter part of the year and is close to cancelling out losses from traditional markets such as the German and the British. For the first time Russians arriving at Iraklio airport outnumbered other nations at 69,989 in August alone. On Rhodes the increase in arrivals from Russia amounted to 57.5 per cent year-on-year, while there was also a 2.1 percent rise in visitors from the United Kingdom. Zakynthos reported a surprising increase in Italian arrivals, amounting to 61.6 percent from August 2011, while visitors from Russia increased by 39.4 per cent. German arrivals dropped 7.5 per cent and those from Britain by 3.3 per cent. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Two days left for Royal Melbourne Show

first_imgThe 2014 Royal Melbourne Show is now on at the Melbourne Showgrounds until Wednesday 1 October. A great day of fun, discovery and excitement for the whole family, the show is presented annually by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) to promote and celebrate agriculture. It is Victoria’s largest annual community event, providing visitors with a range of unique and memorable experiences that are entertaining, interactive and educational.See Victoria’s largest display of animals up close, join the Disney entertainment or sample Victoria’s award-winning local produce. For the youngest ones, there’s an array of exhilarating carnival rides and spectacular nightly fireworks to enjoy. When: Until 1 October, 9.30 am to 9.30 pm daily Where: Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale For more information visit Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Archos prêt à commercialiser une nouvelle gamme de tablettes

first_imgArchos prêt à commercialiser une nouvelle gamme de tablettesFrance – Après avoir lancé deux tablettes, Archos se prépare à en produire six autres fonctionnant sous Android. Le consommateur n’aura bientôt que l’embarras du choix.Chaque fabricant y va de sa (ses) tablette(s). Tous ont pour but de bousculer Apple et l’iPad. Désormais, c’est Archos qui, après avoir lancé deux outils de 7 et 8 pouces, propose six produits sous Android. Le fabricant français veut différencier ses nouveaux appareils grâce à leur taille, allant de 3 à 10 pouces. La technologie Multitouch fait son apparition. Les prix seraient bien entendu différents selon les modèles : de 73 euros à 256 euros au maximum. Cette nouvelle gamme devrait sortir dans les mois à venir.Le 14 avril 2010 à 14:35 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

YouTube senrichit chaque seconde dune heure de vidéos

first_imgYouTube s’enrichit chaque seconde d’une heure de vidéosGoogle se félicite du succès sans cesse grandissant de son site de partage de vidéos YouTube. Lundi, le géant de Mountain View a annoncé qu’environ soixante heures de vidéos étaient, chaque minute, publiées sur sa plate-forme. Sur le blog de YouTube (lien non disponible), Google dévoile fièrement les impressionnants chiffres enregistrés par sa plate-forme de partage de vidéos. Chaque minute, ce sont quelque 60 heures de vidéos qui sont mises en ligne sur le site, se félicite le géant de Mountain View.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”En 2007 nous avons commencé à six heures, puis en 2010 nous étions à 24 heures, puis 35, puis 48,et maintenant…60 heures de vidéo chaque minute, une augmentation de 30% en huit mois. En d’autres termes, vous mettez en ligne une heure de vidéo sur YouTube chaque seconde” se réjouit Google. Pour fêter l’événement, une page YouTube spéciale a été créée. Baptisée One hour per second, elle contient une série de vidéos racontant ce qu’il peut se passer en une seule seconde sur la plate-forme de Google, qui entend bien entendu faire encore mieux cette année. “Avec plus de chaînes, une nouvelle page d’accueil pour vous aider à trouver et à suivre les contenus que vous aimez, et de nouveaux outils pour les créateurs toujours à l’horizon, nous sommes impatients de voir comment vous aller faire augmenter ces chiffres cette année !” s’exclame l’équipe du site. Quatre milliards de vidéos sont visionnées chaque jour sur YouTube.Le 25 janvier 2012 à 09:06 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Maldini on the mutual respect between AC Milan and Liverpool

first_imgPaolo Maldini spoke of the mutual respect between AC Milan and Liverpool after the clubs’ legends traded tackles at Anfield on Saturday.Liverpool FC Legends secured a 3-2 win over Milan, with Steven Gerrard saving the best for the last with a late winner at the Kop end.Funds raised from ticket sales and the entire game would be given to the Charity organization.And the legendary Maldini who didn’t feature in the game spoke about the encounter and the relationship of both clubs.The former Milan skipper revealed to LFC.TV why he couldn’t play a part in the game and the Anfield atmosphere.“I played too much in my life: 25 years. My knees are very bad now, so I can’t play. It’s a pity because it’s something I’m going to regret, for sure.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“It’s funny, I never played here against Liverpool; we only played twice in the Champions League final. There’s a lot of respect, crazy games. This is a real opportunity to bring back memories, it’s a beautiful day.He also spoke about the famous Istanbul Miracle that secured the Reds fifth European crown.“[I don’t think about it] anymore. I thought about it for three or four months after the game finished. But it’s the beauty of the sport; you can dominate the game, be winning 3-0, I score the first goal – a lot of strange things – but at the end, the result was bad for us. In football, you have good things and bad things.“I’m working for AC Milan, I’m the sporting director with Leonardo, so I’m very, very busy. We’re very close to the team and we want this team to be back where it was 10 years ago.”last_img read more

Old Battle Ground school gives its last lesson

first_img• The Battle Ground School District handed out hundreds of bricks from the old Central School to former students and staff, and Battle Ground residents on Friday and Saturday. The district plans to hold another brick-giveaway when the standing walls of the school are knocked down in the coming weeks.• Plans for the giveaway will be announced on the district’s website.• The bricks are free, but donations to the Battle Ground Education Foundation will be accepted.BATTLE GROUND — On its final day, the old Central School did exactly what it had on its first: provided a learning experience. Rather than offering first-graders a place to learn the alphabet, the old brick building gave firefighters an opportunity to train for emergencies.The Central School — the educational home for thousands of kids growing up in Battle Ground — was burned to the ground in a firefighting exercise Saturday, nearly 71 years after it first opened its doors to youngsters.As they watched the flames consume the school, residents and former students expressed a mix of sadness and amazement.“There are a lot of memories in that building,” said Dean Paris, who attended the school in the ’80s. “It was basically a second home to a lot of people.” “It’s pretty sad,” he added, “but it’s kind of like it’s being put to sleep.”Hundreds of spectators lined the sidewalk along North Parkway Avenue and peered through the chain-link fence as firefighters worked near what was once the school’s front door. Bright orange flames peeked through the white-framed windows, causing kids to screech with excitement. People armed with cameras and cell phones snapped photos of firefighters tackling the flames. Thick, black smoke billowed from the building, blanketing spectators with the smell of campfire and turning the sky a hazy gray.last_img read more

NN Cannery History Project collects stories of former cannery workers

first_imgThe now-closed NN Cannery at South Naknek. Since 2015, the NN Cannery History Project has been working to preserve the story of the cannery. (Courtesy of Katherine Ringsmuth)In canneries, the term “Mug Up” means coffee break. It’s also the name of a new effort to share the history of the NN Cannery, a now-closed cannery in South Naknek that functioned almost continuously for 120 years. At last weekend’s Bristol Bay Fish Expo, the NN Cannery History Project launched the new effort with the MugUp Conversations event, where they invited former cannery workers to share their stories.Listen now“I think that you know you may have never even worked in a cannery or even care about canneries, but there’s something to be said for appreciating the history of work,” historian Katie Ringsmuth, who started the project, said.Since the cannery closed in 2015, Ringsmuth has been working with partners like the National Park Service and the state historic preservation office to ensure its place in history isn’t forgotten. In May, the project received a $50,000 Maritime Heritage Grant from the park service to collect oral histories from people who lived and worked there. They’re partnering with the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and the stories will be available on UAF’s site Project Jukebox.Katie Ringsmuth in the fish house in South Naknek (Courtesy of Katie Ringsmuth, ca 1989)“Many of the people who worked at these canneries, no one knows about them,” Ringsmuth said. “And when you start looking at these canneries and you’re looking at the international crews that contributed to one of Alaska’s most significant industries, I think it’s very important to record these stories.”Until the mid-90s, Ringsmuth’s father ran the cannery, which is now owned by Trident Seafoods. She spent time sliming fish there in the summers to work her way through college, working shoulder to shoulder with people from all over the world.“The experience of being able to work next to people who were different than me, had different customs, a different perspectives, different understanding of the world, but nevertheless, we all were working toward a common goal,” Ringsmuth said. “Allowed me to, without even knowing it, appreciate the world.”The grant also means the project is one step closer to becoming the first Alaskan cannery designated as a Maritime Historic District. The designation would make it easier for the project to receive additional funding in the future and recognize its importance in Alaskan and global history.“In part, what I’m trying to do is bring dignity to the cannery work, the cannery story. Yeah sure it’s great you know everybody talks about how cool it is to be a Bristol Bay fisherman,” Ringsmuth said. “But I want kids out there to speak equally as proud of the cannery work. Yeah, my mom worked in an egg house, that’s awesome, right.”The storytelling project is just one piece of a multi-faceted effort to preserve the cannery’s history. They’re also working to create a traveling MugUp exhibit that would bring the story of the cannery around the state, the country and the world.last_img read more

Perla the Pit Bull is back home again

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics. If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them. To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! The Pit Bull called Perla is safe and sound, and back home again, after going missing last night (October 30) in Acaviavale.The dog ran away at around 6.30pm, probably due to the loud fireworks going off in the sky. Community members saw her running along Kandahar Avenue last night.Shortly after the Ladysmith Gazette published an article online that Perla was missing, her owners received a call that their beloved pet had been found. She was found in Birla Road near Ladysmith Secondary School (Lasec).Perla is now back with her loving family and the fireworks are over (at least for a while), so she should stay put.DID YOU KNOW?last_img read more

Sea More in 2017 with Celestyal Cruises new Aegean cruise brochure

first_img ATHENS — Celestyal Cruises has unveiled its brand new Aegean cruise brochure, which invites travellers to ‘Sea More’ in 2017.Running from March through September, Celestyal’s Aegean program features all-inclusive cruises to 13 destinations in Greece and the Greek Islands, the most it has offered in its history. Readers will find information on three-, four- and seven-day Eastern Mediterranean itineraries, new ports of call, plus full-page deck plans of the Celestyal Olympia and the Celestyal Nefeli, the cruise line’s newest vessel.Season highlights include the new ‘Euphoric Aegean’ cruise, which visits Chania and Nafplion (both new), Cesme, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini and Izmir onboard the 400-cabin Nefeli. Meanwhile, the 724-cabin Celestyal Olympia will continue to operate the ‘Iconic Aegean’ cruises, taking passengers to ancient cities like Ephesus and Rhodes.Celestyal’s special cruise programming entitled ‘Stories of Greek Hospitality’ returns for its second year. Plus, travellers should note that all 2017 cruises offer all-inclusive package options, which include cabin accommodations, all service, charges, unlimited international beverages and local Greek wines and spirits, meals prepared by master chefs and shore excursions led by local guides.More news:  Sunwing to further boost Mazatlán service with new flights from OttawaThe 2017 Aegean cruise brochure is now available for digital download on Requests for print copies can be made to Sales Manager Cindy Burton at Posted by Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >> Sharecenter_img ‘Sea More’ in 2017 with Celestyal Cruises’ new Aegean cruise brochure Tags: Celestyal Cruises Wednesday, November 30, 2016 last_img read more

Uber rival Cabify coming to Costa Rica

first_imgCabify, a Spanish ride-hailing company, confirmed to The Tico Times that it will soon start offering service in Costa Rica, even though the government has already said the service, like Uber, is illegal under current legislation.Vice Minister of Transport Sebastian Urbina repeated the government’s position on ride-hailing services Tuesday afternoon in a statement posted to Facebook.Ruling Citizen Action Party lawmaker Franklin Corella is drafting a bill that would legalize ride-hailing and other non-profit ride-sharing services, but in the meantime, Uber and its would-be rivals remain in legal limbo. Still, Uber has been operating here since August of last year with few official repercussions.Cabify’s pending arrival in the Costa Rican market comes not long after Uber announced a 20 percent decrease in its fares. Between traditional taxis, taxi-hailing smartphone apps, like EasyTaxi, and Uber, Cabify is the latest in an increasingly crowded field of on-demand transportation.But that doesn’t seem to worry the $320 million valued company.Cabify spokeswoman Vianey Campos told The Tico Times that the company still did not have specifics on its arrival but would start operating “soon.” Founded in 2011, Cabify is currently operating in 18 cities in Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal.Founded in 2011, Cabify currently operates in 18 cities in Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal.In April, Cabify raised $120 million to expand in Latin America and Europe from Tokyo-based Rakuten, an e-commerce company that also has invested in U.S. ride-hailing company Lyft. Uber, meanwhile, raised $200 million in February from Luxembourg-based investment group LetterOne (L1) for expansion in emerging markets.TechCrunch reported that Argentina and Brazil were the first markets Cabify was eyeing in Latin America. Now Costa Rica can count itself on that list. Facebook Comments Related posts:Uber Costa Rica drops fares 20 percent and some drivers aren’t happy Uber gets $200 million for international expansion Uber supporters say court case could legalize ride-hailing service in Costa Rica New bill would OK ride-sharing services beyond Uber in Costa Ricalast_img read more

Regions Bank Settles with DOJ Over Underwriting Violations

first_img Share Regions Bank Settles with DOJ Over Underwriting Violations Regions Bank has become the latest financial institution to settle with the U.S. Department of Justice, this time regarding the bank’s residential mortgage loan origination, underwriting, and quality control practices.As part of the settlement, the Alabama-based bank agreed to pay more than $52 million to settle claims that it failed to follow federal underwriting guidelines between a six-year period from January 1, 2011, to December 31, 2016. As a result of the bank’s failure to follow the guidelines, Regions approved hundreds of mortgage loans for the Federal Housing Administration’s mortgage insurance program that were not eligible for FHA insurance, the DOJ reported.Because Regions had approved these loans for the FHA’s insurance program, HUD incurred substantial losses when many of the loans defaulted, according to the DOJ.“Mortgage lenders that participate in the FHA insurance program must follow the requirements intended to safeguard its integrity and to protect homeowners,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “We will continue to hold responsible lenders that knowingly violate these important requirements.”Regions issued the following statement regarding the settlement: “The company fully cooperated with the inquiry and has agreed to a $52.4 million settlement, without admitting liability, in order to avoid the expense of potential litigation. Regions established and previously disclosed reserves sufficient to cover this matter; therefore, this settlement will not have a material impact on Regions’ financial condition or results of operations. Regions is pleased to resolve this inquiry and is committed to maintaining fair, consistent and accurate loan origination practices.”Wells Fargo agreed to a settlement with the DOJ in February 2016 over similar claims of wrongly approving mortgage loans for FHA insurance, which caused the government to incur substantial losses when the loans later defaulted. Wells Fargo agreed to pay $1.2 billion to resolve the claims regarding its FHA lending activities; the alleged violations occurred within a nine-year period from 2001 to 2010. FHA Insurance Regions Bank Settlements 2016-09-13 Seth Welborncenter_img September 13, 2016 654 Views in Daily Dose, News, Originationlast_img read more

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians walks on

first_imgArizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians walks onto the field before an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Arizona Sports NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Can anyone stop the Chiefs?Cardinals rank: #25 (▼4) Acquiring Adrian Peterson feels like a personnel department Hail Mary. —- Dave Burns Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   Not surprisingly, the Cardinals’ shoddy performance cost them in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.Each week in The Consensus, we’ll give you a look at where national outlets (and we here at are placing the Cardinals in their league pecking order. NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars, Jets rolling; Giants, Raiders reeling in odd 2017Cardinals rank: #27 (▼6) That was not a good showing at Philadelphia. The offensive line is bad, but the defense had issues against the Eagles. NFL Power Rankings: Where Does Every Team Stand Heading into Week 6?Cardinals rank: #25 (▼1)The fact the Cardinals defense let up as many big plays as it did against the Eagles was shocking. That’s the strength of this team—the one solid thing about it.Not only did Arizona get embarrassed by Philadelphia’s passing attack, but it also got pushed around far too often in the run game.Offensively, we’re seeing the same problems on a week-to-week basis. The offensive line is not steady enough. Period. Quarterback Carson Palmer is not good enough or athletic enough to overcome that bad line play at this point in his career. With David Johnson out, there’s no run game to speak of.It’s a tough offensive situation for Bruce Arians to overcome. When the defense plays like it did Sunday, the Cardinals are going to get smoked. NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys aren’t the same team this yearCardinals rank: #27 (▼7)It was brief, like most things in the NFL, but it was fun when the Cardinals were contenders. They play an exciting style on both sides of the ball under Bruce Arians. But they’re simply not a good football team anymore and it’s hard to see a rebound coming. The offensive line isn’t good, there’s not enough offensive playmakers and the defense took on too many losses. If Arians can get them back into playoff contention, it’ll be impressive. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Early in Bruce Arians’ tenure as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, his team was regularly handing out beatings to opposing teams.In fact, in his first three years, the Cardinals beat eight different opponents by more than 20 points. Now, seemingly the tables have turned.The Philadelphia Eagles dominated the Cardinals in Week 5, excelling in all three phases of the contest in a 34-7 win that was out of hand in the first quarter. Carson Wentz threw four touchdown passes for Philadelphia against a dumbfounded defense and once again Arizona’s offense struggled to run the ball and protect Carson Palmer. NFL Power Rankings: Eagles, Seahawks fly closer to top for Week 6Cardinals rank: #26 (▼3)Carson Palmer playing in a one-dimensional offense is starting to take a toll on his 37-year-old body with all those hits taken behind shoddy protection. How much will the trade for Adrian Peterson help? We’re about to find out. It’s also a head-scratcher as to why their pass defense has been so bad with all the talent they have on the back end. NFL Power Rankings Poll, Week 6: Panthers Trending Up, Steelers Bottoming Out?Cardinals rank: #25 (▼3)No comment. Week Five power rankingsCardinals rank: #26 (▼4)Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson are on the same roster. Until Chris Johnson is released. USA Today Power Rankings – Week 6Cardinals rank: #28 (▼5)Their offensive struggles have been well documented, but it now appears defense has begun to circle the drain, too. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Philadelphia Eagles fly up to No. 2Cardinals rank: #28 (▼6)Watching Bruce Arians’ team get pasted doesn’t quite register. Not sure what Cardinals fans would like to see written here. Hope? This isn’t a very good football team right now, at least not in the sense of playing together. When Carson Palmer is playing well, his offensive line isn’t. When Palmer’s off, look out — the ball might hit you. The pass rush was decent, until Markus Golden went down in Week 4. But none of that matters with Carson Wentz throwing four touchdowns on the secondary. All of this points to how much the absence of a top running back can hurt the offense and defense. Arizona’s time of possession Sunday? 24:13. No bueno. Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: And your playoff chances are …Cardinals rank: #24 (▼3) The Cardinals have had one of the biggest falls this season, opening the year with a 44.3 percent chance of making the playoffs. If they can’t beat the Buccaneers at home this week, their chances could be all but nothing.last_img read more

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