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Month: August 2017

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: a high traffic site, low conversion rate. I believe this kind of website is occupy a certain number. Encountered such a problem, is the most troublesome thing website manager. Why do I say it? The site itself has a qualitative flow, but the conversion rate is always a gentle period. If you can not effectively and timely discover and solve problems. The site at this time, the impact will be great;

to build a website belonging to the previous work, to improve website traffic and conversion rate is belonging to the late of work. After the two factors, in a unified planning process. The two is to contrast? Whether the high traffic sites, the conversion rate will have significant change? For this kind of problem, is the problem of website optimization staff often need to think of. According to these two problems, can be considered from two aspects. read more

many owners in the promotion of the time, in order to search engine weight effect, all love to promote business name. For example, our company is the construction site, with "Shanghai site construction"

substation construction

from the recent love Shanghai update site is very much affected. K, right down, ranking dropped and so on are uncommon. No matter what is the purpose of love Shanghai adjustment strategy, for most of the webmaster or on the website for students to website optimization and promotion for employees, can afford to toss the ups and downs. Especially the regular site, even if manslaughter may be restored. But a few days did not make their own income to do rankings off site without performance with the boss to explain how. read more


find a good competition, we must through the core keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking, the construction of the chain, the website included quantity, Alexa ranking, social media marketing comprehensive comparison on their own website, web site, clear differences, find themselves lack of website, and later to take certain measures to accelerate lack of respect, the purpose is to outdo each other.

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unless noted: This article Zhao Yangang original blog, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the read more


as an optimization personnel, make snap of the enterprising spirit is essential, but for site optimization especially love Shanghai, stability overrides everything, if you really want to modify the site title such as the website, the website has the main product changes, this time we have to do is, according to the theme of the new website optimization, first how to do good planning, such as the first from the content page to column page to change the page should be gradual to operate, according to the new words in the premise of ensuring the high quality of the plateau gradually implemented rather than send the chain anchor text is too concentrated to do what. The author through their own practical experience for the website optimization and the webmaster frequently called, do not frequently modify site title, the title change was fatal to the influence of the weight and website ranking. read more

we know that the search results in the title of the information mainly from the content of the page title. However, in order to improve the page user experience, search engine will be based on the actual situation from the title to intercept the corresponding content to show users, it will be different in different search engines. In fact, in order to show users meaning complete title, search engine will be adjusted according to the actual condition of the page.


Title tips

, the first title length read more

site traffic conversion rate (Conversion Rate) refers to visit a site visitors, transforming all visitors the proportion of visitors. In the Internet, there are many sites, traffic can also be over 10000, but those are the clouds, are passing, can really become their customers have? And some websites are not their IP, only a few hundred, but always accurate grasp the customer, this is the difference between high and low conversion rate. Website to operate successfully, which work to be done to enhance the site’s conversion rate? There are three kinds of read more

line on the website after half a month:

collection has reached 50+, the snapshot is fast, the exchange can be started Links the necessary before did not change, after all, the website quality you can not, do not bother to throw people worn-out lips.

The third stage:

good luck, basically has experienced second times of love Shanghai update, high quality articles if the day before to publish more than 3 articles, you will have included increased significantly, if your article quality is good, now basically can reach the next snapshot and included the. You only need to maintain this advantage, continue to adhere to both. read more

note: the anchor text link content and links to related page

note four: website content outbound links number

The anchor text link

web page content is derived through analysis and observation (see links to Wikipedia content are) not many movies, but for the enterprise website content is not too much of the case suggests that the number of pages outbound links the best control in about 5 (500-800 words left and right content), after all the content of the website is not strong enough, can not be established strong network. read more

is not just contact Shanghai dragon without a clue? Is not to know Shanghai Longfeng every day to do what is not? Don’t know the chain how to send, how to find the platform? Even when the first contact for Links, added a lot of groups of sad no response. We are a little bit out of Shanghai dragon the road how to go.

SEM, and promotion tools, is to provide us with the keywords, to make good use of it.

, and a lot of Links group. I really want to tucao. On the same day when they learned how to change Links, said that by adding group for Links. I then added a lot of groups. A group of very pious, but without a pass. I’m really hurt. Later, all ready. read more

on ecology and technologyThe search was first proposed by

pea pod in the mobile distribution also started to do a search within the application market is compressed under the condition of transformation. In this context, pea pods proposed this idea to investors, its essence is to tell investors: pea pods do another mobile phone or Google Chinese love Shanghai.

love Shanghai through mobile application alliance ", to provide professional services for the mobile Internet traffic is realized for mobile applications, to help developers to promote the flow of value of mining. Through mobile alliance, fell in love with the sea to help developers and fell in love with the sea nearly 300 thousand existing customers and potential customers more docking, mobile traffic. read more


A5 published from the original article, grass root webmaster junior high school graduation speech, organization ability is very limited, you forgive me, share my experience last month at the beginning of new station with you. To tell the truth I have not account recharge, plus a few days A5 canceled the forum signature, more let me not recharge. But now, it is completely mistaken, my station is the last month before the 2 established a vertical class forum did the local comprehensive portal, meet the problem everyone must have clear, pre operating funds, manpower, pre promotion is the only way which must be passed a comprehensive portal. I want to A5 at the station is more like me personal webmaster. To operate a local comprehensive portal is not really rely on their own power to complete the. read more

Now if

give you a chance to think so, let you have the opportunity to choose their own role in the industry, which would you choose? Internal work or a separate team? I believe that many people do not know how to choose, do not know what role is the most suitable for their own, but if you know the difference between the three, you will know what is best for you.


in depth before such an answer, we can look at the "2012 Shanghai dragon industry survey and Analysis on network marketing" the role of the distribution ratio of this article. read more

enterprise station article content less, but more products and many products are shown in the picture, impact site open speed so be sure to choose a good space, because of the great influence of the space quality of the site, there have been countless people verified.

third step,

about the station optimization many people said, the reasonable control of the site structure, the use of bread crumbs navigation. This is all very friendly to users and search engines. Another picture must be illustrated with ALT tags, in Shanghai site diagnosis is mentioned if the website pictures too much can put all the pictures together, this can reduce the number of pages submitted to enhance site open speed. read more

some friends do Shanghai dragon do actually learn all kinds of knowledge that we reject, code, program, art, not what the server knowledge help to Shanghai dragon? Then ask, why is it such a friend as you do in Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon chicken do Shanghai Longfeng what not to do? Do code that program, art, knowledge does not help to server station? Maybe you will say too much too complex is not conducive to the development, to learn fine. I can only say you to find an excuse, I never let you not to go to school how to run before, but without a heart to run, walk this thing as not. What’s more, Shanghai dragon really need a lot of site related knowledge, and life will continue to surpass themselves, learning new things, or it will soon be eliminated. read more

Sogou input method

first asked a question, love Shanghai get so big in the search market share has China, even the nobility of babies are not a good discussion, how do other people search

then, @ Guo ang 9 published a micro-blog:

second: famous broke @IT deep throat micro Bo said, Sogou to Tencent, offer 2 billion dollars. Before Sogou web search effect for @ 9 Guo ang reply: not really.

enemy? Friends? Frenemy

and 360 is the essence of the browser wars, the past is now too, so in fact, Sogou has little effect. The arrival of this day as early as everyone expected, is a little bit earlier. Sogou students need not nervous, the income is not important, not less, before the old 4 time much longer than the old 2. The most important thing is to continuously improve themselves, keep the leading position in technology and products, and the introduction of more valuable innovations. read more

distribution of rigid distribution not only pay attention to the nature, the user experience is not good, will be mistaken for search engine cheating.

1. ensure that people search keywords, love Shanghai index, love Shanghai related keywords can display a word being search, if some words search volume is too small, we can only rely on the website statistical analysis tools (cnzz, love Shanghai) but it has less analysis of search keywords used;

2. is not too broad, such as the "screw" this time is too broad, search tend to search the specified type or characteristics of screws, in order to find the information they need; read more

just though, we’ve seen a lot of apps coming up for the next platform, such as tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, and virtual reality

in 2005, I became obsessed with the Internet economy and read every book I had about the internet. I have a passion and inspiration for networking. I’ve found that the best way to start an online business is to build a website and then promote aff products. So I began to study and read a lot of books about it. I did everything I could to absorb knowledge this is March 05. read more

back to the moment, the current business model of Owlii is very simple. Based on 3D dynamic reconstruction technology developed under the adaptation of the mainstream mobile phone camera developed a set of solutions of Mobile AR and Case by vision based on Case with the advertisers, pictures and other companies to launch customized visual solutions.

, thank you all for your partner’s support for the league,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback read more

abacus is very noisy, but always remember: people are playing their own small abacus,

used in some forum on Post Bar see someone how much a month to earn tens of thousands, as the company white-collar me not by the action of the heart, and keep the 3000 dollars a month wages, rather than working on the Internet looking for a part-time job for dry, perhaps can also earn extra money, then do a website to earn money through advertising.

on the first day of work I have registered a poly chest member, and then started my real Wangzhuan road every day, some simple operations, in addition to their brains, the first day I earn 67 coins, second days to earn 187, ha ha, as of today, I have earn more than 600 coins, in the network can directly exchange value of 500 yuan of Mobile Recharge Card read more

entrepreneurship seems to have been myth, must do big things, must make a stir around the world. In fact, many times entrepreneurs are based on the idea of their own brainstorm, began to invest time and energy, to build cattle products. But in this case, even the first thing to do a valuable product is not done, that is, to ensure that the user needs to find their own is reliable.

recently, the game live website Twitch has become a hot spot of media attention. Rumor has it that shlf1314 will buy the site for $1 billion to boost its status in online video. Before this news came out, Twitch was not known to the public because it was a web site dedicated to game enthusiasts. Obviously, the game player is a market that can not be ignored. read more