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Ajmer Dargah head, who backed beef ban, ‘ousted’ by brother

first_imgThe seat of Sajjadanashin (spiritual head) at the historic dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer witnessed an acrimonious battle on Wednesday with the younger brother of Syed Zainul Abedin, the present Dewan, staking claim to the prestigious post. Mr. Abedin summarily rejected his claim.Remarks on Triple talaqThe controversy had its genesis in the recent remarks by Mr. Abedin at the conclusion of 805th Urs at the dargah. Mr. Abedin had stated that triple talaq, which did not enjoy sanction in the Quran and Shariah, had no relevance in modern times and called for a complete ban on slaughter of bovines.Mr. Abedin’s brother, Alauddin Alimi, who is a lawyer by profession, declared himself the new Dewan while affirming that Mr. Abedin had ceased to be a Hanafi Muslim after his remarks.“Since Mr. Abedin is not a Muslim any more, he cannot occupy the seat of Sajjadanashin,” Mr. Alimi toldThe Hindu.Mr. Alimi said he had consulted some Muftis about the status of his brother and would soon get a formal fatwa (opinion) from a good number of Muftis, which would clarify his position. “My position is clear. Since Mr. Abedin’s remarks are not in keeping with the Islamic faith, the hereditary seat of Sajjadanashin has been devolved to me,” he said.‘Rightful head’Mr. Alimi proclaimed himself as the new Dewan on the dargah premises when Mr. Abedin had gone to the tomb for the Kul (completion) rituals.He announced Mr. Abedin’s “removal” in the presence of pilgrims and hereditary staff and stated that henceforth he would be the rightful spiritual head of the 13th Century shrine.An angry Mr. Abedin rejected the claim of his younger brother. He said at a press conference later in the day that Mr. Alimi’s move had no legal sanctity under the Dargah Khwaja Saheb Act, 1955, and he continues to occupy the highest seat at the dargah.Son named successorWhile affirming that the seat of Sajjadanashin was hereditary, Mr. Abedin declared his son, Naseeruddin Chishti, as his successor. He said he was being targeted by “extremist elements” because of his views which were in national interest.“No one has the right to remove the dargah Dewan,” said Mr. Abedin, adding that he would seek legal opinion in the matter. He reiterated his views about the ban on beef and said Muslims should not consume beef and stay away from slaughtering bovines in order to promote communal harmony.Since Mr. Abedin’s remarks are not in keeping with the Islamic faith, the hereditary seat of Sajjadanashin has devolved to meAlauddin AlimiBrother of Syed Zainul Abedinlast_img

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