Optimization of long tail keywords station

in the edit page content should pay attention to the content, if someone else is doing the text we have pictures, people do is picture and text we can add a short video. Such as "the long tail keywords layout" of the long tail word, others using the words to show the distribution, then we can put a long tail keywords, so that users will be more easy to understand. If someone put a map, then if we just illustrations is plagiarism, we can choose a long tail keywords high quality video insertion. In addition to the very high quality of the operating steps plus the screenshots show, love Shanghai experience inside the content is to do so. The first step is then introduced here is user illustrations, it is easy to understand this step in the end is how to operate, can refer to the experience of Shanghai with love. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform upcoming key influence tool which in the end is what

This is the

picture (in a variety of considerations, the relevant information website blocked)

here is the official two answer:

early in mid October issued a notice of Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, the upcoming "key influence" tool, remember that the author is quite happy, "said the official website can help webmasters to keep abreast of changes in the whole network keyword keyword". Remember that I first forwarded the article, I usually never drop things forward. Really soon, just today (of course this article I intend to release tomorrow to each platform) love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has launched a new announcement "love Shanghai search keyword tool flow and major upgrade", the author is a love of learning, the first time went to see, wow, really good, really this tool can solve the webmaster search keywords ranking of the troubles, so I want to discuss with you here to chat. read more

Love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai dragon revenue by artificial event

? is as follows:

we use the word "camera" to control you, look at the ranking of love Shanghai Library:

!In The results of ?According to the February 2012

more than just a little small ideas, not for Italy, if offensive, also hope to forgive me. This paper consists of:

as you can see, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index probably between 7000 – 18000, while the word SLR camera is far lower than the former, has been floating around 3300. There is also artificial suspicion? Is the keyword not higher commercial value, Shanghai love their products more in front of read more

Love Shanghai mobile network promotion how much do you know about

promotion plan for "mobile" set: direct promotion group bid

promotion plan for "all": the promotion group bid for PC traffic bid, mobile traffic can not be set separately for mobile devices offer bid flow adjustment in the promotion plan level, * * times of computer equipment (interval 0.1-1)

APP text / Graphic / image ads: text / photo: existing text / graphics can be directly reused WebUnion, the material content of all show pictures: banner, support 640*96, 580*90, (new size) 728*90, 468*60 728*90, 468*60, the two dimensions to display on the tablet PC screen material under JPG support gif, PNG format, swf format on most web pages may not show the trigger. This article from the Yulin prostate disease hospital 贵族宝贝0912ylba贵族宝贝/qlx/ read more

Huang Zumin four steps to optimize the site of small and medium sized enterprises

enterprise station optimization is a long live, eat hot tofu. Only understand the search engine grab theory, included and ranking can be greatly improved, no doubt is a shortcut to the enterprise stand optimization. For a few days is very popular keywords may slow down can be optimized to the first page of dozens of days, stable work and later, will stabilize the keywords on the home page. Love Shanghai index is relatively high, we need to analyze competitors, the chain is much advantage, or domain name registration website has advantages of long time. The PR value also does not need too much attention, love Shanghai high weight, natural spider is very frequent. For example, I have a new name for a few days, in front of the station optimization OK, just behind the updated articles, send out high quality of the chain, through the analysis of the spider crawling in the log. read more

The electronic commerce website of Shanghai Longfeng planning you to know how much

electronic commerce, government support for many e-commerce sites and after all but bamboo shoots after a spring rain, is the younger generation, want to pick up, website optimization is an indispensable part, we all know the website optimization of low cost and quick, if an e-commerce website is a good website promotion team you can make the whole e-commerce has good development, today Shenzhen Shanghai dragon Zeng Wen large e-commerce sites for a Shanghai dragon were only project planning and execution. read more

Talk about how to do search engine marketing

well, the promotion, the most important thing is to have the conversion rate. What are your website worthless, not the target customers have what use? Of course not so simple to identify keywords that fix. Yesterday also mentioned. From the customer, understand how the customer search is the key. So to use relevant tools to view the search words in the website the customer into a single high rate. What words bring just >

for example, obstetrics and gynecology hospital project needs to promote a mother’s prenatal knowledge training. Combining with the above mentioned, the analysis of advertising target audience, and also a product of target audience analysis. You can extract some of the ad information need to pay attention to. The age distribution, today is 2011.12.06, now the mothers are 88 years of age born in 83 years. Advertisers will need to understand the characteristics of a typical 80, consumption concept, living standards, mental state and so on. read more

Shanghai dragon play does not make money NO is not your method!

since mid 2015, you can find love from Shanghai update algorithm, the role of the chain is weakened again. On the contrary, high quality content has become the most important factor affecting the website keywords ranking! And a good grasp of this factor, really had a rainy day, to change the status quo!

is, the chain also had, however, "the chain for emperor" era has ended.

? !

, what is the Shanghai dragon

search engine ranking rules are increasingly inclined to user needs as the core. And user interaction better, ranking will be more in front. read more

That is hidden in the Google secret site quality guidelines

In fact,

after three months, Lu Zongda will have a very broken "Shuowen Jiezi" to say: "teacher, is also a bit again? I’m ready."

third times to see the teacher, Lu Zongda sent a little paint is not like "Shuowen Jiezi". He nodded and said: "go and buy this point."

later became Dean of China Lu Chung TA modern exegesis circles. He said: "this year turned rotten three" Shuowen Jiezi ", from the start of learning, easy like paodingjieniu." read more

Shanghai dragon training is reflect on the question of the art of thinking is the key to cultivate S

love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon training really many

I think that the cause of the problem is the first training problem, the first is the Shanghai dragon training low threshold, second is the training contents of dragons and fishes jumbled together; homogeneity, the lack of its own features highlights.

imagine, if more teachers concentrate their training in Shanghai dragon drive QQ group marketing, asking yourself some common problems and answer answer in the QQ group ", published some Shanghai Longfeng information in a timely manner, conscious outstanding students in the QQ group published opinions. As long as this stick, QQ group interactive teaching atmosphere will be better gradually, gradually guide the students to submit individual problems some learn from them (or even ask), and give timely and properly answered, "after the problem will be solved Teaching benefits teachers as well as students.", the teacher will not complain about? Also worry about. read more

10 kinds of methods to reduce the rate of jump out of the site

)!Use the navigation bar


so, if your website layout and appearance have many defects, should be combined with the positioning of your site with a design, the purpose is to create appropriate comfortable reading environment for the readers, so that readers can readily remember your site, after come back (so, timely and reasonable in the necessary position on the website put a share subscription, such as button to create more conditions for readers to visit

if you want to attract the readers to browse more pages, don’t play hide and seek the navigation bar similar to the game or the pursuit of some non mainstream effects, it will only make the reader confused. I often in some friends within the QQ space suddenly do not know because the space is mainly decide on what path to follow, the owner of the navigation bar is really too hard! This navigation bar like this will only make readers lost and lose interest in your site. read more

Analysis how to optimize the website landing page

The figure above

Yang Zi said here Shanghai dragon just one more word, when site:www.xxxxx贵族宝贝 found some webmaster friends is not the first home page that their website is love Shanghai down the right, in fact, such a situation is likely to weight higher than the other pages of the home page, so that this is not a website whether down the right standard. Whether a site is down right to analysis of comprehensive data to judge. How to judge whether a site is down right before the Shanghai dragon Yang Zi also wrote articles < how to more accurately determine whether a site is down right? > interest webmaster friends can see, this is not too much to share, or to just talk about "landing site page of the topic. read more

He is on how to do long tail keywords

Shanghai dragon special push >

is worth reminding, not to make the long tail keywords in each article are joining the long tail keywords, this will be search engine that is cheating, not common sense, so in moderation, don’t try to do

what is the long tail keywords? For example: for I am engaged in the plastic industry, the "breast" is the key word, our analysis can be found in "breast" this word is very competitive, and its long tail keywords "best breast hospital", "Beijing’s best breast Hospital… read more

Discussion on how to do a good job of weight and website ranking webmaster

website through the chain, love Shanghai, know Links etc.

had just started when Shanghai dragon, I have no experience in this field. After getting a good initial site, what the actual content are not yet done, confusedly presented by search engines. The result, the website second days back included. Because there is no experience, do not know the new website is not easily modified. I want to improve the site in time a little change the site title, keywords, description, including template ah what important information. As a result, the website for almost a month is not normal. Sometimes we see today are included in the article, the second day will not see the day before was included. So, we must remember: when you think the website had yet to adjust to the best state before, like don’t like me to sleepwalk on the submission of kazakhstan. Because the new station itself we started without what weight, is also in the new assessment period. Then just built new sites in the search engine’s weight itself is not high, but if we always change, the search engine may be a re examination of this website. So they are not updated snapshot, included little or simply not included phenomenon. read more

By Lee and some opinions about love Shanghai chain

April 25 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched "Lee on the chain" judgment caused an uproar, Shanghai dragon world forum signature, Links forum, advertising area outside the chain of no use? The author will according to their own reading for everyone:

is search cache, webmaster site search indexed cache, and automatically links to

acquisition station collecting your article legacy links, such as you send an article in A5 by a lot of transfer station reprint, it is garbage sites and so on many sites. This shows that we have not collected from these sites to obtain weight. read more

To completely shield the spider trap we should stop what behavior

spider trap, is to stop the search engine spiders crawl the web barrier trap. These obstacles will prevent spider web crawling, thereby preventing the included web site. Below, the author analyzed the behavior of some few completely shielding spider traps need to stop the list for you for reference, we correct mistakes.

behavior completely shielding the need to stop the spider trap. In fact, as long as it is a hindrance to the spider crawling and grab the obstacles, can be considered a spider trap, should not appear on the website. I remind you: for the normal development of the website, we must make the site using formal techniques, to avoid the use of "black hat" means the site is unable to make opportunistic good website, only the rules do is right. read more

Website promotion need to pay attention to five major factors

first, select the

link is divided into inside and outside the chain chain two, small series do not recommend Adsense new sites soon began to do external links, this can only make the website is an empty shell, if the site itself is not love Baidu content, construction focus only on the outside of the chain which also do not have what meaning. In other words, if the site is not very good to attract the spider to grab the content of the website, will lose the meaning of doing station.


needs prompt webmaster is to choose your keywords and theme website itself has a relationship, to use the GG and Baidu Index to analyze what keywords will bring you flow the line on the website before, if not very popular on the search is no meaning, do not blindly choose keywords after modification, not burning Baidu it will teach you a lesson. read more

Update eight discipline to Google new algorithm

?The author of the present time

10 years ago, but it is one of the most archaic means, search engine can easily judge the similar behavior.

hidden links refers to the anchor link hidden in the picture below, or the color and web page similar background, or down to see the means of anchor link hidden behavior.

so, Shanghai dragon should be how to deal with the noble baby algorithm update


two, don’t optimize keywords

good to come to the point, let us note separately on specific: read more

The search engine why repeated website snapshot stagnation

is right down the site. One is the site with IP, another is whether it has the right to be reduced or blocked the site in Links.

1, the most popular or simply to site traffic of the post, but here that a little skill might use. Write the chain can be written as a hyperlink in the reverse. Thus, management can not see your external links. When the search engine included page at the same time, will inevitably bring about a certain weight. Less likely to see not much success, but much effect is obviously. read more

The search engine links correlation principle

is in the very early, probably is when Google and other large professional search engine was born, when the search engine is often based on the matching keyword page inside, according to the relevance of keywords to rank, we should be able to imagine that when you see the ranking is certainly Its loopholes appeared one after another.. As long as you do, you add some words on the stack, "inside, or add some hot words and web content completely Never mind, can get good rankings, but also not very difficult. So, at that time the production site for ranking is easy, no optimization problem is so complicated now. Now, with the search engine algorithm more perfect intelligent search engine ranking becomes not so easy. Now the search engine on the link, increased the analysis of perfect link function, by computing the correlation between the judgment of links, so that we can reduce a lot of rubbish related links. The main is to improve the user experience. read more